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Mortal Kombat Movie – OFFICIAL FIRST LOOK REVEALED! Entertainment Weekly has finally given us our first look at the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie! Here is my initial reaction and thoughts on some of the details we got about the MK film.


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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. Sharonda Starr

    Man I’m so excited to watch that new Mortal Kombat movie trailer when it drops and I’m so excited

  2. Dinars Klucis

    I think many MK fans will agree that the movie Mortal Kombat 1995 was a huge success. What made that movie awesome was great actors, correct character placement/ designs. Interesting story line e.t.c. and what was very important.. superb soundtracks that still live up today. So in comparison with this new 2021 MK movie..I think I will be dissapointed. Where is this trailer? Possibly they don't give it out…because it's bad. We have only two months ahead of premiere, what da hek are they thinking? How they going to sell this movie right? Those screenshots looks kinda cheap to me. I don't know. Yeah they did a good Kung Lao and Liu Kang design, but besides theese awkward flames in Lius hands and that's it. I think this movie will be a disaster, but I hope I am wrong..and it will be powerfull like the first one. What always convince me if movie is going to be good or bad is not the movie trailer, but the soundtracks of it, cause if soundtracks are really good, that means director/s hired a high class composer and editors, if they don't do that…bad soundtracks can ruin a completely good movie. And when sometimes movie feels cheep, good tracks can lift it up it's ratings from 6 to 8 or even higher! I need to hear soundtrack list of this movie to know if it will going to be good! I hope it will thou…

  3. nippy 31

    Yes he is right Liu Kang should be the main man in this film.

  4. Tim Wyatt

    Hey Caboose, what if Cole is actually Taven? Like with no memory of his past… thoughts.

  5. WAkumaz

    I thought that cole character would be like johnny cage but I guess not

  6. Couponkingdom

    Id be ok with a new character, especially with Lewis Tan playing him cuz hes freaking awesome..m but replace former mma champion with former Hollywood action star and its the exact story of Johnny Cage… Who seems to be the only one of the original 7 not in the movie. And Cage also happens to be my favorite character… So it seems they created a character to fill a role they already had in Johnny Cage. Confusing to me

  7. Lance Mitchell

    I'm not gonna lie for us MK fans this crazy but they have a lot of work to do. They made a shitty MK movie last time anyone tried so i hope they do it justice with this one

  8. Blanco Baby

    This movie better not be about no white boy unless its johnny cage this movie better be about lui kang and the rest fuck that its wack already

  9. Nylez Fuller

    Lui and Lao loooks soo inaccurate.. now that i played mk11 i CAAAN’T see them any other way..

  10. allypezz

    More wary that Scorpion will look like a midget

  11. clownnwolc305

    By the way if you seen mortal Kombat scorpion revenge then your gonna love that this leans more on to that side . About Cole Turner he is a surprise that’s all I’m saying.

  12. clownnwolc305

    Follow and read the Director Twitter and he said that WB did a typo in the bios Shang Tsung is not an Emperor and it’s not called OUTTER World it’s called Out world . If you go to WB website you will see that mistake.

  13. Shadowbreed

    Johnny will make a cameo teasing a sequel it kind of was confirmed when they said all mk characters were not forgotten.

  14. Konsker

    waiting for the mortal kombat movie

  15. leon knight

    Cole young is a descendant of scorpion. Ur welcome.

  16. WaffleBrothel77

    I welcome a new character for a newer story. The important part, in my opinion. The accuracy of the other character design, the level of gore and fatal fights. Based on these pics. I think I’ll be very happy. For the record I really like Kanos design.

  17. Joe P

    Thank you for the tournaments you and destroyer. Consistently getting better watching the players competing. Thx

  18. Darth Malgus

    Let’s not forget the 90s movie … the little bits that have been shown of this doesn’t looks like it’s upgraded any.

  19. @Caboose this movie seems kind of fishy but at least to my knowledge you said that Kano was on the hero side. If I recall Kano was on the hero side at first but the he betrayed Sonya and Jax for money

  20. FlikM

    Kano is a good guy!? Wtf ?!……they said they know what they are doing?! And since when lord raiden an elder god?! I thought he was just an eternal thunder god and became elder god ever since he protected Earth realm? but drops his Elder God status when Shang Tsung and Quan Chi form a deadly alliance in the fifth game? what is going on?

  21. FlikM

    What's up with the Majin Buu symbol on sub zero? And why's jax looks like steve Harvey ??

  22. MultiVersus

    Cole Young?
    Co L Yong?
    Ko Lyang?
    Kuai Liang?

    Oh shit.

  23. Marko Coric

    Sub zero looks good i hope scorpion have similar look

  24. Daniel Ortiz

    It’s pretty disappointing that it’s going to be released exclusively on HBO Max

  25. Jermaine Martinez

    I can't wait to see how Scorpion, Noon Sabot, Raiden, Kabal, Nitara, Mileena and Shang Tsung are gonna look

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