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Mortal Kombat – Watch The First Seven Minutes

The gory first seven minutes of ‘Mortal Kombat’ has been released, showing a bloody battle between Hanzo Hasashi and Bi-Han (who will later become known as Scorpion and Sub-Zero), kicking off the events of the film. ‘Mortal Kombat’ is in theaters and on HBO Max on April 23.

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This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. KNate -

    Actor playing Hanzo Hasashi is 60yrs old and moves like he’s 23. DAMN!!…

  2. Zach Osborne

    I can confirm the first 9-10 minutes of this movie are the best 9-10 minutes.
    The movie gets more and more terrible with each following minute.

  3. It was really a prelude of the other two….why is no body seeing this….??it was really realistic and good.

  4. Sophorn Nem Thap

    the new series day of the dead
    from creator of day of the dead 2008 original

  5. Golden Haze

    This was a cool movie Sub Zero amd Scorpion played it well, glad they kept the characters as real as possible

  6. Michael Roberts

    Awesome, but I hate the digital blood. Looks so fake. Especially in HD.

  7. Jeremy Johnson

    The only character moment in the whole film. Now that you have all been duped by this short masterpiece, cry your tears now, cause they're coming. This scene is not exemplary of the film at ALL.

  8. Reoxis

    My only gripe would be the music but other than that this looks good af

  9. Dawn Young

    Seriously stoked for this!! The fight scenes are gonna be intense and bloody!!! They’re pulled together a great cast, #flawlessvictory

  10. Eric Coyle

    Interestingly when many TV shows look like movies, this movie looks like a TV show. Whodathoughtit?

  11. Nicki N

    Love action movies but too much blood makes me queasy…uuhh…This looks like it will be amazing action choreo though.

  12. Frank Ni.

    i will watch the whole movie . pls give me a stream

  13. whade62000

    My question is, they KNEW this was the best part hence these pre-releases. So why didn't they just make the rest of the film like this?

  14. Jukka Vainio

    I like the theatrical way Sub-Zero rises and stands up to meet his enemy. Very epic.

  15. This is gonna be great but one thing that sucks is that Johnny Cage isn't in it

  16. Micolash

    Entertainment Tonight sticks their big watermark and put the audio in mono FFS

  17. Hunter Mikulich

    I love all the comments from people who were surprised that subzero was the bad guy. Like… duh? Bi-han subzero was always a bad guy. Even in DEATH, he's still a bad guy. Hanzo was never TRULY evil (except that one time he killed Kuai Liang, but that got ret-conned).

  18. Kimberly Foster

    This opening scene is great but is anyone else a little mad bc they slowed down the theme song because it sounds weird now they should’ve just stuck the original theme song like in the first movie

  19. Charmander2671

    This version of sub zero deserves what’s gonna happen to him later

  20. LUST

    Amazing action. Beautiful choreography. Breath taking cinematography. 0/10.

  21. Shope CE

    Heeeeeellllll yes! I'm wearing 4 masks IDC but i'm seeing this in theatres lmfao.

  22. jbauer140

    Gonna watch this shit in IMAX Fuck staying home and streaming!

  23. Petey J

    Seeing this trailer finally makes me glad to have HBO Max.

  24. Danon W

    i wish far cry 6 have these takedowns

  25. Everyone go see this in the theatre! Let’s get this economic recovery going!

  26. johnhorak2000

    This can me Marvel Universe of R rated movies. Characters origins, spin off movies etc.

  27. Rizky Arifin

    Sub Zero: To Hell With Your Clan.
    Scorpion: No. To Hell with YOU.

  28. Rizky Arifin

    1:57 TAKEDA TAKAHASI Konfirmed

    4:50 Scorpion: I Still Grief My Wife & Son.
    Kuai Liang (Sub Zero): I am Not So Cold as to mock your Pain.
    Scorpion: A wise choice. Sub zero.

    – Mortal Kombat 11 (2019)

    6:32 "That Is NOT Me." – Bi Han/Noob Saibot, Mortal Kombat 11, 2011

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