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MOST TRENDING Blind Auditions of 2021 in The Voice Kids

2021 is already an excellent year with many new talents in The Voice Kids! In this compilation we spotlight the most VIEWED Blind Auditions of 2021 on YouTube. Who is your favorite? ?

00:00​​​ 1. Adelways Lay sings ‘The Magic Flute’ (The Voice Kids Indonesia):

02:14 2. Мирон Проворов sings ‘Батарейка’ (The Voice Kids Russia):

04:21 3. Júlia Ochoa sings ‘When We Were Young’ (The Voice Kids Portugal):

06:15 4. Kiara sings ‘Jar of Hearts’ (The Voice Kids Germany):

08:00 5. Sara Egwu James sings ‘Anyone’ (The Voice Kids Poland):

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Arul Nimo


  2. Christian flor

    The first one is the best at the young age she can sing like that wow

  3. Majeed

    The girls from germany is amazing

  4. Justin S

    A whale doesnt meant to swim in a small pond. A whale meant to swim in the ocean. Adelways Lay, ur voice belongs to the world , the voice kids indonesia is not a suitable to measure ur voice. Keep ur spirit high and keep singing for the world

  5. a girl

    the girl from indonesia has a great voice,but i laughed so much because i am from austria and her german pronunciation is very unclear haha but she did amazing

  6. Ethan J

    Germany was insane … my favorite… however they all cute ?

  7. Miho

    Oh I love these Voice Kids…

  8. Hozey

    There girl from indo looks like she was lip syncing tbh-

  9. Ratna Hudi

    Adelways ❤️ indonesian flute girl , amazing
    But guess what??? Sara from poland looks like whitney houston?

  10. Saky

    For 2st boy i didtn mins ist the marshmallows song FRIENDS BOY IS SOOO CUTE

  11. J T

    That first one is clearly fake. She doesn't even have the mic held up nor does she sing in sync with the music. FAKE.

  12. Sim Tractor

    I could not find any Turk in any video. Where are the Turks? They sing very well, I think they should be on the lists. The name of the contest in Turkey (O Ses Türkiye)

  13. Skai

    She's 9 years old , magic flute

  14. Jeanette Dale

    The harmonious swimming arguably sin because fine intraspecifically risk circa a defiant ankle. true, fluffy cinema

  15. Dinis Gonçalves

    When you are young Fernando Daniel Sing me too at 4 years ago very good.

  16. amang UDIN

    Kayaknya telat nic sudah lebih dari 262 komentar ???

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