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Movavi Video Editor Review and Tutorial

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Download trial: – Watch as I create a video using Movavi Video Editor. Save 20% on ANY Movavi products including Movavi Suite! Visit their website at and use coupon: MOVAVIAF20%OFF when checking out.

First of all, I don’t work for this company.. I am a freelancer who builds websites and small business advertising commercials. I have used a lot of video editing software tools, but the Movavi video editor is my number one recommended tool for anyone who wants an affordable video editor loaded with expensive options.

With the Movavi Video Editor, you can import multiple video clips, audio files, photos or directly record your screen or online videos to import (if you have the bundle with Movavi Screen Capture Studio).

You can professionally rearrange the clips, photos, and audio just the way you want it and add many different types of transitions, fades and effects to create the perfect video or slideshow. In fact, when you’re done, you would think it was professionally created!


If you want the most out of your video editor, then purchase the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for just $10 more which includes the video editing software but gives you the ability to screen capture your desktop and record video from your desktop.

You can also upgrade to the Movavi Suite which has even more tools and options (my recommendation for enthusiasts) for $10 more and have absolutely all the tools you need to start your own commercial, slideshow or video creation business.

Thanks for watching the video tutorial and Movavi video editor review.

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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. MrAm1400

    have a question. Looking at what you have i see icons on the right side of the window. Why don't i have the same thing. On my right window i have the video editor window. On the left side is Import window. Add media files, record video, add folder and record screencast. To the left of that is My files, sounds, music, sample videos and background. And to the left of that is a window top to bottom video clip, looks like a wand, transition clip, Large T, arrow a circle and a triangle. Under that three lines? What can i do when i click on the my files so i can see the clip i would like to add instead of the name only.

  2. Russell Mostert

    can i take a video i made an upload a audio file to dup over the sound on the video?

  3. RenegadeJames

    Am I able to upscale videos from 1080p to 1440p using this software?

  4. x213ERx

    What version is this? Mine doesn't look like that..

  5. Katia Katharina

    super programma!!!!!!!!bello veramente!!!!!!very very goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nick Cyvil

    Can you change the placing of the photo on the screen? i mean for example move it to the corner of the screen? (for the v.6)

  7. Lady ESPer

    Would this be good for making Music Videos? 🙂

  8. VWestlife

    The latest version of Movavi Video Editor looks totally different and unfortunately they removed a lot of features, such as the ability to add multiple video tracks.

  9. Rayce

    Are you able to use record a video on Movavi and then edit on a different editing software

  10. themeaningseeker

    Can you add a transition at the beginning of the video, before the first frame?

  11. RubberbandRay

    Thanks for the great presentation. Slow and clear. For the basic one 39 bucks around I think it was, can you do a narration over slides or videos. Thanks.

  12. hi, great tutorial , can you use this software to do split screen music videos, where say 2 or more musicians are playing instruments, is it possible to align the sound up evenly so it plays simultaneously ? tried to lined two up on their trial software with no luck.

  13. Carolyn Gamble

    Thank you since I am a relatively new YouTuber this was really informative and an easy way to make your videos stand out. 🙂

  14. Broad

    Thank you! This is awesome because my last video recorder and editor were viruses I only got to get 2 videos up but now I can make more !

  15. RosyRose

    I really like the tone of your voice, people who do tutorials should look up to you XD thanks for he video anyway x

  16. Cookie Avataria

    When you finish editing , when you save video , and when you watch video you see watermark of video Editor , can i remove it or this editer is without watermark

  17. Ja'Maul Redmond

    I can't figure out how to do a FADE-IN transition in the beginning of the video. is that possible?

  18. Brody Sorrell

    When I export for green screen or picture in picture neither on of them will play properly. All I see is the the main layer playing and flickering. I have windows 7 and hardward acceleration is disabled. I'm getting really upset that I can't get this fix and my need to get a refund soon. Can anyone help me fix this?

  19. Sheisme H

    also do i have to be on line to edit video

  20. Sheisme H

    i purchase this from sams why can-t i use it as purchased not as a trial thank you

  21. Great tutorial! I'm thinking about getting this for Mac. I noticed with iMovie it takes forever to import/export long videos (~45 min.). How is it with movavi?

  22. Ted

    Can you use it as a capture card and record games on your computer?

  23. Mark Ohlson

    I noticed version 11 is now available. Can you review the upgrade? What is new in it ?Thanks

  24. The learner

    I wish I had seen this video before my purchase :(( .. I would have preferred the video suit.. I have sooo many questions you need a Mike for the voice over? I tried it but there was no sound .. Guess it will take me time to get used to this, but your video really helped! Thanka!!:)

  25. Emad Kamel

    Can you elaborate more about the Rendering process.

    How long does it take for an hour and half video ?

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