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MUST KNOW Street Photography Camera Settings for Beginners

In this video I talk about street photography camera settings beginners must know for a variety of situations and styles. These camera settings are very simple and tend to be my ‘go to’ when out shooting street photography. I believe if photography beginners know these camera settings and follow these street photography tips you will instantly be able to improve your photography.

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  1. Top top man i am hitting Manchester today about 4ish do street for the 1st with a canon 80d, going to stay till dark get some longexposure and get the golden hour, any tips for golden hour, just gutted my canon 70-200 f2.8 mark iii not come in time. Cheers for the tips.???

  2. Good basics and video. Covered day and night and exposures. Depth is a helpful tool but like any image based upon preferences. Night time you can shoot as slow as 1/30th sec handheld without much issue. Use your frame and look where strong light source is at night and build a shot from there. Ironically street photography is raw and film with grain and such was part of the landscape of choices and seldom hear of it from content creators who never shot film.

  3. Solid subject intro and well illustrated, Mike! If you didn’t cover the topic before, suggest a follow up vid about exposing for the highlights: expose to the right, using histogram as a guide (or using at least clipping indicators). Cheers!

  4. Mike, you will hit a million subscribers bruv, you know a good youtuber when his videos are top notch. Keep up the consistency no matter what and the bag? will follow. Love the content ❤️?.

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