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My Favourite Beauty Photography Lighting Setup // Studio Lighting Tutorial for Beginners

Hi guys! Today’s video is all about my current favourite beauty studio lighting setup. I explain the use of lighting via a diagram, and show some behind the scenes during the tutorial.
Let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this one!

What is your favourite beauty lighting setup? ?

Model: Nikki @ Viviens Management

Equipment used:

Camera – Canon EOS 5D Mark II:
Studio Light –
Beauty Dish –

Artist: Greemz

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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. Lala Mabaso

    I've noticed that some people put the beauty dish far away but the photos still look good. But if you spend some time watching other videos you hear them say get it closer to the subject. what exactly is a good distance?

  2. Steven Means

    question what camera and lens did you use ………and if you used the 5d mk ii where did you focus because with only 9 focus points i cant get the eye at times or did you focus and recompose

  3. Nonconman

    Thank you so much I didn't know about beauty dish before this

  4. Felix Arias

    I love all your videos thank you for sharing
    What pictures profile do you use on your camera thank you

  5. Kryštof Kalina

    Ahoj Kayleigh! I hope you don’t mind me asking but how do you get this clear, vivid and defined highlights on your models skin? I see it a lot and really like it but I struggle achieve those myself. Is it make up or postproduction or both? Could you point me in the right direction pretty please? Thank you! All the best and greetings from Prague.

  6. BUD Fotografix

    What is the distance between the Model & the Beauty Dish….?????

  7. joe nick

    Great video! Where do you get your boards from? The ones I find are over priced or not big enough. Thanks.

  8. Richard Bierman

    Nice pictures, but why do so many women hold the camera upside down? That's not the thing to do for steady grip gals!


    So nicely explained well demonstrated. Only if u could spoke about what camera ur using and lense.

  10. Bradley C Price

    Have you tried shooting into a deep umbrella? If not definitely give that a shot pun intended ? it's a really good setup to use and the lighting is even across the models face I think you would love a setup like that

  11. Derun Ertugrul

    Great set up and lecture. You get fantastic light quality with a single strobe. Which lens are you using?

  12. Amber Kay

    Omg love this video..i have an 18 inch ring light and I'm curious about video lighting.. do you know about that?

  13. Kim Eunsoo

    Hi Kayleigh! thanks for the informative video! I wanted to ask you how much ambient light was there? from the video, it looks like there was enough ambient light there to serve as fill, so you didn't need to employ a reflector or 2nd light from below to reduce shadows. if it had been dark, light from the beauty dish alone would have been quite contrasty as well as background being quite darker. is that correct?

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