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My Passive Income Goals for 2021 | Multiple Streams Of Income | Financial Freedom Journey UK

My Passive Income Goals for 2021 | Multiple Streams Of Income | Financial Freedom Journey UK

In this video I share a complete breakdown of both my passive and active income goals for 2021. Check out my plans for creating multiple streams of income this year. Subscribe to my channel and follow my road to £50,000 in 2021. It’s a big goal but I have big plans, watch this space!

Passive Income Goals for 2021 –

2021 Money Saving Challenges –
What I spent in Year –

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DISCLAIMER: Please note, I am not a Financial Adviser and do not offer Financial Advice. These videos are created for education and entertainment purposes.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: Some links above or in this video may be Affiliate or Referral Links. This means that I might receive a commission if you purchase through one of these affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance for supporting my channel!

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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. This is a great breakdown. I set a goal to make £100,00 for this year and I thought the was ambitious! Hehehe. But I didn't do such a specific breakdown. I think maybe I should. Good luck with your goals. I have a feeling you will smash it.

  2. Toni T

    I’m going to check out prolific. Do you get regular work from it? I started with user testing at the start of this month.

  3. Rahiya Speaks

    Well done Tolu ..really enjoy your content ..keep up the good work you can do it !!

  4. Can't wait for your book! 😁 And would love to see regular income updates as I'm doing something similar on my channel too! My income goal for 2021 is also £50,000!💖

  5. Isabella Audrey

    It’s a must to build multiple streams of income especially in this period of the pandemic. Also, have in mind we don’t know if or when another pandemic can happen. So now is really the best time to start pushing a side hustle because no one can fire you from your own business and well your 9-5 we all know how quick they can get rid of you. If you have to work to pay bills by all means do what you have to do but make sure you get your priorities together. I've been doing that by investing in the stocks, bitcoin and financial market and I'm grateful to say I've earned a lot so far this month working with a Mr. Austin Grey through his registered investment company. Just do something that will make you money while you sleep, no matter how little. The pandemic has been a perfect eye-opener for us all to really see how life can be without your usual income stream. Reach him via his email address (

  6. Veronia Spaine

    I know you’ll 100% smash your income goals Tolu! Defo watching the ads all the way through so you can get closer to your Ad goal!!

  7. Finance Dee

    Well DONE on becoming monetised!! 👏🏾 I can honestly see you smashing these goals!!

  8. Stark86

    You can do it hun 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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