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Natural Light Wedding Photography – Tips, Tricks & Posing

Used the 35MM 1.4 Canon Lens!

Special thank you to

Maison Farola in DETROIT – Floral Bouquet
Nicole Herman – Makeup
Katrina Malota – Hair
Blush Bridal Couture BIRMINGHAM – Dress

SNAPCHAT: jessicakobeissi

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Yusuf Ariffin

    going to shoot my first wedding in a few days and you taught how to handle the situation and getting the shots all in one video! thank you so much!

  2. Danny Winborne

    Thanks for this tutorial? Can you tell me the specifics of the lens you used. Looks like a prime lens? What is is 35mm 1.8?

  3. Anthony Tether

    I realize this is four years later so you might not remember but do you have a record of what your histogram looked like for photo found at 1:49 ? Thank you and I appreciate your video 😛

  4. "Natural light" translation: I don't want to invest money in lighting or time in learning lighting techniques. You're doing 'wedding' photos with parked cars in the background?!

  5. Harmeet Singh

    Hi can u pls tell which camera mood and lens u using pls.

  6. Firedog09

    It's not called a neck tie pin, it's called a tie bar and it's used to bump up the tie knot. Not worn like that lol that looks RickDiculous.

  7. Mike Wolski

    Is this the nyc botanical garden? If so real nice place to shoot at

  8. Ada Janeau

    I'm addicted to your videos, Jessica! They're amazing!

  9. Eileen Conragan

    Hi Jessica. Do you have an on matrix metering? I am shooting a friends wedding outside and I was thinking of using my flash to fill in the face if it’s too bright… Too much contrast to brite in the background

  10. Can may I know how do make editing for those photos? are u using adobe lightroom? if u use so can i know ur setting filter for the adobe lightroom. i would appreciate if u helps me to be a best photographer for my sister wedding day!

  11. timothy7231

    Well her pictures are nice, but these can't be considered professional ? The dynamic range on the photos are terrible . Or is it just me .

  12. Brian Junior

    "..Position the bride and groom behind the sun.." Wow 😂😂

  13. Scallen

    Wow a few people commenting on the backround and highlights hmm , come show us how it's done the proper way . Not using editing but with the camera .

  14. Gabrielle Searles

    I would love to see how these are edited. If I shot from that angle, my subjects would be too dark. How do you do this?!

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