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Nicole Kidman's STUNNING Transformation Into Lucille Ball

Fans are getting their first look at Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball on the set of ‘Being the Ricardos.’ The Aaron Sorkin-directed biopic also stars Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz.

Exclusives from #ETonline : from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. bek kah

    “she looks JUST like Lucille Ball”
    no ma’am. she does not.

  2. I don't like Nichole in any of her roles. I didn't enjoy her as Grace Kelly and I doubt I will like her as Lucy. I know that there is no accounting for taste but I just shake my head when I think of how many people find her beautiful and talented. She is the one without the chops to play any character that you want the audience to be drawn to. She looks more ghostly to me than anything and I just instictively don't like the lady. I don't care for the other choices either. Maybe they should have thought out of the box and chose an actress that would be new to us so we could actually get into the movie and not be thinking about these tired actresses. It is obvious they want star power so the movie can actually be seen by more people and be a big thing. However you can do that with less popular actresses if you have a good director and such. Oh well if the world is happy its not so big of a deal.

  3. Chasedyer86

    Will they show this on Hulu or Netflix? Or HBO Max?

  4. Nihat YELKENCI

    I think her real daughter should have played her mother's impersonation, since she resembles her mom incredibly

  5. Johnnyboytoy12

    STUNNING Transformation???? More like HORRIBLE Transformation!!!!

  6. Johnnyboytoy12

    She doesn't look at all like Lucille Ball! They should have hired Debra Messing.

  7. by eyeleen BLAYK

    LIES LIES LIES She looks NOTHING like Lucy it’s almost insulting … what she looks like is scary…. Messing looks more like Lucy n so does Jamie Pressly

  8. J. P. Nicholas

    Nicole is a beautiful and talented actress. That being said, she does not look like Lucille Ball no matter how many times you say she does.

  9. Kathy D. 2014

    My father-in-law, husband, son and brother all bear greater resemblances to Lucielle Ball than Nicole Kidman. Also Nicole's about 5 inches taller than Lucy & 15 years older than Lucy when the I Love Lucy show was created, which is when the film begins. Lucy and Nicole are too well known, maybe an unknown would have at least guaranteed we won't be thinking "hey that's Nicole Kidman." She already bombed at portraying Betwitched, hope this doesn't make 2 in a row for her re classic TV remakes.

  10. r b

    Debra Messing looks MUCH more like Lucy (bigger eyes; short, square face) – Kidman's facial fillers have made her last few movies hard to watch. This one will be no different (in fact, won't be watching).

  11. Shana Medley

    Y'all crazy as hell, that woman looks nothing like Lucille Ball.

  12. C C

    Debra Messing would have been the better choice imho. Nicole looks nothing like Lucille Ball. Javier Bardem is a poor choice for Ricky as well.
    I might watch this when it comes on a Netflix or Hulu since I’m already paying for those app. But I won’t pay for it any other way.

  13. Dana C

    Nicole is dry and any movie she’s ever been in has been booooring. sighs moving on…

  14. I can't believe they cast her as Lucy, Nicole Kidman can't do comedy – I reckon it might be painful.

  15. thewizboy

    She looks NOTHING like Lucille Ball. Nada !

  16. Zan Z

    I don't doubt that Nichole Kidman can do a great job in a drama like this but it would help to look or sound at least a little like her since everyone knows Lucy so well. I was really hoping she would bear some resemblance when made up but I don't see it. I hope she can pull it off.

  17. LeighE Winson

    Oh amazing transformation..dyed hair lol…. this will be an enormous bomb

  18. Lisa Augustin

    No matter what role Lucille Ball played,
    Her face Never changed !!! She always looked like Lucy !!!

  19. Lisa Augustin

    Nicole looks NOTHING like Lucille Ball !!!
    no matter how red they make her hair,
    Fans are not calm !!!

  20. Lisa Augustin

    No I dont trust you Lucy jr.
    YOU dont love nobody, if you did you would try to do things right !!!

  21. Lisa Augustin

    Nicole Kidman has her own look, and it's not Lucille Ball, the man who will play Desi, dont look like Desi !!!

  22. Lisa Augustin

    They are giving fans THEIR version of Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball, it's not right,
    They gave fans THEIR version of Aretha Franklin to, in Genius Aretha, it wasn't right either !!! THEIR lazy dont want to do THEIR job !!!

  23. Lisa Augustin

    Directors and producers are lazy, I know there are people who resemble Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, they are not trying to find them, they want to throw anybody on screen and say that's Desi and Lucy !

  24. bean

    Just like Lucille Ball? …….. JUST like Lucille Ball??….JUST LIKE LUCILLE BALL? GIRL WHAT
    edit: don’t get me wrong. Love Nicole for the part! But let’s not be delusional here folks

  25. N Corp

    I don't think Debra Messing or Nicole Kidman have any embodiment of Lucille Ball. She was more cutting, blunt and rough around the edges, sort of a take no prisons approach and strong sarcasm as a person. Debra is too goofy and irritating, Nicole is too uptight. They should have gotten someone with a more NY/East Coast vibe, but I prefer Nicole to Debra, IMO.

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