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Nigerians Will Need Visas to Kano + Buhari Against Secession – Trending with Ojy Okpe

Vice President Yemi Osibanjo, is the latest to caution Nigerians calling for Secession to have a re- think while delivering his speech virtually at the 12th Colloquium, in commemoration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s 69th birthday in Kano State, he said if Nigeria does break- Up, those seeking to travel to places like Kano State may need a Visa.

President Muhammadu Buhari has also reacted to those calling for secession, he says Nigerians are stronger together than apart and has appealed to everyone to play their part in building a greater Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adeshina, was trending after he accused former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar of contributing to the current precarious state of the nation.

In India, The death of a 43-year-old Nigerian national, Leonard Lyeanyi which sparked a violent protest in West Delhi’s on Sunday has made the rounds.

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  1. Dr abati and rufai make a whole lot of sense you can't be proud of a country that is not improving on so many ways. Our politricians are failure and majority of Nigerians are tired of their incompetence, corruption. The other lady talking about stop bringing your country down when is your country is bringing you down

  2. Let's forget the story, we are better if we go our separate ways…….. For God sake one Nigeria is a scam. I don't know when the so called leaders will tell them self the truth. One Nigeria has never worked and will never work

  3. Not sure why anyone is celebrating BOLA TNUBU – where did he get all this money he is flaunting from? Is anyone asking? How did he come to own the house on bourdillon road in ikoyi?

  4. If Nigerians are better together, why then are Fulani killing and taking over ancestral land of others and the government continues show bias or support to such criminality.

  5. Not just a word of the mouth to say people should be patriotic, Nigeria should stand for it's people. I think that should be in the headlines.

  6. Yemi Oshinbajo's rhetorical grandstand about Kano and visa simply explains how permeable is the line between good and evil. The classic electric shock experiment by Stanley Milgram demonstrates the fact that humans have the capacity to be Hitler, Idi Amin or Sadam Hussein. So-called good people can be transformed into evil doers.

    It was the same Oshinbajo who quoted scripture when he was looking for political/religious powers to traumatise Nigerians. He famously said: "When good people are in authority, everyone is happy, but when people in authority are BAD, they leave a trail of people in great pain." How's market, Mr Vice?

  7. I think osibanjo has actually lost his mind. Intelligent men go to that aso rock and get possessed by one evil spirit.. he is not even intelligent anymore..

  8. Buhari's words or speech is not synonymous to his actions. Nigerian are tired of empty words. Buhari's played a bigger role in dividing us.

  9. Femi Adesina…I hope when you finally leave office, one person…at least one person can actually say something good about you. Instead of fixing the issues, you're there pointing fingers…you have failed the nation!

  10. Government that have allocation for terrorist will always be grounded overnight. Likewise Government that received terrorist with an open hand into their military will always be extinguished no matter the money they borrowed from China to fight. Chinese will always be their master at last because they did not borrowed reasonably because they used the Chinese language in drafting everlasting contract, Tumprinted with their hands without reading through. The outcome benefits in feature is that slavery of before will be tip in the icebergs.

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