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Night photography – quick tips – Canon

As the sun goes down, try shooting cityscapes. Millions of lights give you the chance to photograph stunning night cityscapes. Come and see more tips from us:

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  1. So to take night pics, it should be low ISO, Shutter speed, & Aperture as well?

    Edit: wish i saw this video sooner because my Disneyland night pics were pretty crap compared to my daytime pics. But at least I know it now

  2. I don't know how many times I've watched this video but being a rookie photographer I've actually watched this while out doing night photography and it helps me so much

  3. This quick tips video would be much better if it referenced the appropriate "How to" videos. The book that came with my SL2 has pages and font too small to read, so I come here. But statements like "Try using manual focus … using night view …" are OK for seasoned users, but for beginners like me, a corresponding "How to" video would be nice. How do I switch to night view?

    The screens I see on this camera don't match the screens on my camera.

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