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NIKON D750 DSLR CAMERA: Practical Tips for Beginners

If you’re based in Canada, get your Nikon D750 here:

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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Moath Ahmed

    That truck in background made him uncomfortable hahaha even the way he mocks people who say shoooot raw hahah was really funny , i did enjoy the video 🙂 thnx

  2. Joseph Brown

    Good video. I just added a D750 to go along with my D7000 and as my first FX, full frame camera. I like much of what you talk about here. I too agree, the camera has so much functionality why not use it all!!!
    If I really wanted to skip all the settings I could back to finding film and using my old 35mm Canon AE1.
    But I love digital and all the features cameras come with now. Will you be doing a "one year later" video about how well the D750 has held up over the year since last July?

  3. brianminkc

    your right sharing photo's on the internet you don't need RAW files. Course you don't need that full frame camera either. Its your money though.. have fun with it.

  4. Mark Ferwerda

    I use the AE-L button for the focus — so do the pros. Absolutely love it and the best adjustment I've ever made to my D750.

  5. 992 dr

    Thank you Sergei, great info. It will definitely come in handy. My D750 is on its way :)Happy New Year

  6. Are you aware you ware that T-shirt inside out? Don't let Putin see it. Russian spies should act like

  7. orfeous

    Good guide!
    Next time would be a short howto video/recording movie guide.
    Like recording a 1min movie and then how you do.. with transfering to computer, editing it in software… settings and uploading.

  8. Ed B

    Does  that T/A have a Popeye's Chicken?

  9. TwoTyres

    I have the D5200 but also use the single point focus. The ISO I keep at 100 unless its too dark then I go up enough to get the speed.
    I use Aperture priority most of the time so I can concentrate on the composure and still choose the F stop number. The rest of the time its in manual but I have to think about what I am doing and it takes longer to get the shot.
    One of the best things I found was buying Lightroom 5 to process the pictures. If taken in RAW then it is easy to fix exposure and white balance issues and bring out the colors.
    I have a few different lenses but like the 50mm for general shooting.
    This is a topic where everyone will have a different opinion but as long as people are having fun taking pics, it really doesn't matter how they get them, its the final result that counts.

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