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Nikon TIPS and TRICKS to save you time in Wildlife Photography

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Nikon TIPS and TRICKS to save you time out in the field enjoying your wildlife photography. Although these tips are aimed primarily at Nikon shooters they are equally useful for nature photographers using other brands.

Welcome to our channel which is dedicated to the wonderful world of wildlife photography. We endeavour to load one new video every week featuring beginner to advanced photo skills, editing tutorials, hacks and gear reviews. We are based in Northern Botswana in The Chobe National Park and we invite you to travel here, either virtually or physically, and we will do our very best to make you a better wildlife and nature photographer. Enjoy the channel.

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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. Roger Paris

    Hi Danielle, I’m discovering Pangolin and your videos. Thanks for such interesting tips !! Could I ask what metering selection do you use for wildlife ? I hesitate between Matrix, Spot and High Light Pondération ? Maybe you have different settings for different situations ? Many thanks for answering. Maybe you already have a video on this matter ?

  2. andy van

    one other great tip, for Nikon, but cannon may have this as well, called save /load user settings, same as U1/2/3 or Banks ABCD, But this saves EVERYTHING on the camera, custom controls, the whole lot!!- just in case your camera dies (NOT battery flat) I mean have to go to repair shop "die" ; and allows you to rent or buy another similar model, and transfer the settings ( also fantastic for rental houses, to reset afterwards), so your "shooting personality" or the cameras 'soul' is transfered to the new body, no need to go back to square one!!!! ( or see a priest at the camera maker, to "resurect" or vanqish any deamons inside your beloved camera :-)) )

  3. Diaa fakherEdden

    thanks for great video , for banks setting save , which setting can i include in this setting , SS . A & ISO only or AF setting also

  4. J. Kimmer

    I use sony and Canon, this was a very good video, very informative. Go Nikon!

  5. Lotta Axing

    I am turning in to a big fan of your tutorials. Always very useful tips and I am changing my camera settings after your recommendations and it is making a big difference. Thanks so much!

  6. Robert Falcone

    I’ve learned more about my camera menu in 2 of your videos than in the past year….great tips! Thank you!

  7. Glenn Ostle

    Excellent and very helpful technique, thank you.

  8. violearn

    Thanks for the handy tips and how to's. Are you getting any tourists now or is Bots closed to foreigners?

  9. shaun hodge

    Your videos are great. I have two sets of shooting banks on Nikon D810. One under "Shooting Menu" and another under "Custom Setting Menu" if I set the name on one it does not rename the other. Are they linked or do I have to set them both?

  10. May Hume

    Catching up Daniel thank you I found this really interesting and helpful , I have subscribed + set the notifications , I have lots to catch up on as I'm new to photography I live in Scotland so have plenty to photograph for practice , but not the wildlife you have must be amazing . Thank you 👍

  11. Karl Chiang

    This was one of the most useful tips ever. Thanks Danielle. However, I could NOT find the link for Tip #5 for banks of settings. Maybe I am missing something?

  12. Peter Manson

    Thankyou Danielle, very good video, getting back into photography since film days, so need all the info I can get.

  13. Rachna Bhatnagar

    Another useful tips vedio. I am beginner and just bought nikonD5600 , if you can suggest some links from you old vedio for that, although I am following n trying suggestions you are giving.

  14. Touched By Nature

    Brilliant Video, Very helpful and informative, many thanks for sharing. 🇬🇧

  15. Robert Kaplan

    Hi Danielle, great video and tips. However, my newly acquired (used) D850 has entirely different choices in the sub-selector menu. It does not give me an option to program the sub-selector button to AF area mode but only to use as another AF On button. Any idea why?

  16. Lawrie Little

    Hello Danelle I use back focusing with my D500 when back button pressed in I think focus is continuous and when released it stays on that focus point, am I correct?
    Lawrence UK

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