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Noah Beck Wants to MARRY Dixie D’Amelio | Full Interview

Noah Beck talks to ET’s Katie Krause about his relationship with Dixie D’Amelio and what to expect from his new show, ‘Noah Beck Tries Things,’ premiering Jan. 22 on AwesomenessTV. The TikTok star also talks about his former college days and his soccer scholarship, revealing if he has plans to go back. Noah also teases an appearance on the D’Amelio reality show and talks about how he deals with online bullies and haters.

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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. TR Psycho

    remember ur awesome don’t let people bring h down from ur dreams

  2. summer

    ofc he does bc you date for marriage or for heartbreak

  3. Jefferson Byrne

    If the break up
    The internet will break
    I will break
    They will go
    Will you

  4. GauriDIY

    isn't it weird how noah is into such an ugly and weird girl…idk just me?

  5. ikimchi

    He looks like that male char from frozen

  6. Ana

    everyone: Yay!
    Griffin: NOOOOOO!

  7. Peyton Markus

    Well like I would not want to be with someone I don’t want to marry

  8. nessa

    Noah is so cute and humble omg

  9. If he wants to marry her, he can. They are one of my fav couples. “ I think she’s my forever person”❤️❤️

  10. Hailey Jacobson

    I think Noah and Dixie should get married I love y’all so much they are the cutest couple ever.

  11. Alita Brown

    I think you're an awesome person Noah just enjoy your youth right now. You have a very strong personality and very talented !

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