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Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License': Why Fans Think It's About Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter

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Olivia Rodrigo dropped her new track, ‘Drivers License’ over the weekend and now fans think it’s about her rumored ex, Joshua Bassett, and his reported new beau, Sabrina Carpenter.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. TheDounutIsHere


  2. Vmpirez

    Ok so this is why YOU people need to get canceled, honestly I bet ur much older than both carpenter and rodrigo so instead of cooking up more drama enjoy the damn song and stop dragging other ppls names in this matter you ppl are hella annoyin

  3. Dial M Style

    How about they are all just talented kids making music?!??

  4. i searched on youtube 'how to drive a mannual car… well iam here driving through someone's life and youtube ruining my life

  5. Oleg Drozd

    "Great" job!
    All you need good size magnifying glass and dig deep in peoples a $$ ho les for YouTube $$!

  6. i like both olvia and sabrina and i dont wanna have to choose whos side to pick though i love love LOVE olivia i still have been listening to sabrina since i was six its like AHSFDGSHASGFGHA

  7. Cassie H

    Ya'll are teens if you get upset about strangers breaking up. And even more of teens if you're getting upset at Josh's new girl. People do not stay with their first love forever. People change and grow and have their own lives. Ya'll will get that once you've actually lived as adults for a day. The death threats are so fucking childish people. I mean come the fuck on.

  8. Gary Stump Sr

    I'm an old fuck. I've been around too fucking long. I started listening to this fucking song. I thought it was pretty fucking good. Up until she sang "I still fucking love you." The word "fucking" doesn't belong in (what I assume is or will be) a top 40 ballad about losing the love of your life. It's not necessary. I know because I've collected hundreds if not thousands of songs with the same theme as this one. Flame away.

  9. Luis Ochoa

    He also mad a song about Olive saying mean stuff of her and if you want to now about the song called lie lie lie

  10. Luis Ochoa

    When I saw dose tiktok I was like oh they are friends but now they are boyfriend and girlfriend

  11. KillJoy Since2017

    I don’t hate the girls but I do hate Joshua like bro how could you
    Sabrina and Olivia are both amazing actresses but Joshua done fucked up

  12. Rexdale Labores

    The new Miley, Selena and Nick Jonas kinda love triangle . Disney Disney stars are talented as fuck hahah

  13. Noelle Clinton

    why can't we just chill and be happy for oliva she is so hardworking and even if this is all true would like people looking at your ex with someone else in front of you 27/7

  14. marlon detorres

    The determined jellyfish terminally punch because cat cytologically doubt without a hapless crack. nosy, hard-to-find noodle

  15. Leon Thapa

    The fact that olivia talks about sabrina and y'all just her dragging sabrina for NO reason..

  16. Caila Anne Marie

    Wake up sleepy heads, the world is being deceived by lies. Look at THEIR symbolism. Repent and seek the Most High God, not THEIR satanic lower case god!! Stop falling for Masonic puppet lies, PLEASE!

  17. Sinadi Ranathunga

    Among us detectives are litterally going through songs as well. Thanku among us!!!

  18. Silvia Greene

    The truthful slave ultrasonically ski because bow sporadically dislike to a descriptive overcoat. drunk, melodic motion

  19. Meg M

    Although break ups suck, she’s 17…she will be fine.

  20. Celine Sanyu

    When she said Ethan Walker I was like: who is he
    The she showed a picture of him I’m like: oH that’s Bernie from Bizardvark

  21. e


  22. Angel Boba

    The song is about her expressing her feelings in that song how she feels about her ex that she still loves him but yeah

  23. Reyna Kondaveeti

    I don’t understand why there’s hate with this because Olivia actually technically complimented Sabrina because she’s “everything (she’s) insecure about”

  24. Jade BangtanPink

    💯 is about her ex boyfriend
    It’s really heartbreaking and sadness
    I’m so in love this song
    Stay strong Olivia
    You’re beautiful
    And have everything queen

  25. VANSOMz

    Never trusted or liked anyone named "Sabrina" ever.

  26. Val Lerie

    Out of the topic but the way olivia looks at joshua🙊

  27. Space Parrot

    I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out this guy was never into girls:P

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