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On Set with Batwoman: 'Survived Much Worse' Recap | Ep 8 | Entertainment Weekly

Stars from CWs Batwoman series Javicia Leslie, Nicole Kang, Meagan Tandy, Camrus Johnson and showrunner Caroline Dries are interviewed for a recap and breakdown the Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8, ‘Survived Much Worse.’

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About ‘Survived Much Worse’: Batwoman’s abilities are tested like never before, while Alice’s search for Kate continues. Sophie and Jacob set their sights on Coryana, and Luke and Mary contend with an unexpected guest.

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On Set with Batwoman: ‘Survived Much Worse’ Recap | Ep 8 | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Let's keep it real that girl inside the sewer that was Kate everybody I believe she is still alive cuz he had the necklace around her neck but they might bring her back as a different person and with a different face if you got the CW app are looking on YouTube just look at the end of the movie you will see a girl in the sewer that is Kate it look like somebody passed up her face

  2. LMAOIng so hard right now. If you knew you were going to Recast Kate Kane why not just do that from the beginning were proves my point even more is the actress who you have as batwoman right now while very talented isn't even in this interview segment hello she's the lead character. But once again she's also the least interesting How is the character is show centred around the least interesting still going but when I suppose to say anything because The CW is filling a quota just by having a black woman as the lead for superhero show #KateKaneIsMyBatwoman #ByeByeRyan

  3. ????? ???? ➜

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  4. Wish the other shows did recaps like these. Getting Eric Wallace's take as well as Grants for the Flash. I can only imagine the chaotic stories from behind the scenes from Legends of Tomorrow.

  5. This b** has ruined batwoman no one even wants a season 3 let alone her to have a show…it will tank why is the CW making such bad decisions with their shows…. Contact me and ill help you make the Arrowverse explode into the greatness it should be

  6. Yes Kate Kane is Alive yes yes and Someone will find Kate Kane fest but is you'll be the crows or even Batwoman team it will be Someone how nose the Kate Kane like i hope the Nightwing or even Someone else

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