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OnePlus 6T PRO MODE TUTORIAL | Mobile Photography | Camera Tips, Tricks & Hacks

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Some people are really fond of photography and really want to buy DSLR for themselves so in this video, I have shown how you can click DSLR like photos on your smartphone by only using the pro mode on your device which I have right now is the OnePlus 6T which has the pro mode which is quite impressive so pls watch the full video…

So this is the tutorial of the pro mode which I have made a full tutorial of each and every setting in the pro mode with detail explanation like shutter speed, ISO, etc.

OnePlus 6T PRO MODE TUTORIAL | Mobile Photography | Camera Tips, Tricks & Hacks

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📢Giveaway Alert📢
Giveaway contest is going to start in Vlog part 1 video so make sure to watch the full video and also do all the steps that are stated in the last of the video to participate in the contest.

Make sure to like part 1 video to get the video above 700+ likes and get the contest started.


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  1. Kd

    How safe is mobile if we download Gcam for 6t and can u provide link

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