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OnePlus 8T 20+ Tips and Tricks

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OnePlus 8T 20+ Tips and Tricks


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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Mr BamBoo YT

    How To Stop Google Assistant By Swipe Right And Left Plzz Hlp 😔

  2. Good content. Although the video is going so fast, it beats the purpose of watching it to learn about the setting.

  3. Timothy Mcshan

    How do you take off the default camera & other icon on your android phone at the bottom of it?

  4. Umar Bilal

    Is there any feature in the battery application like …..ROG 3 when your device gets completely charged which you wish

  5. Aravind Tinku

    How to on two flash light at the same time in one plus 8t mobile

  6. Tomy Boy

    Would be nice to have PITCH BLACK theme on one plus devices in official oxygen os !!! I mean fully black"PURE BLACK" or Raven Black ! All black ! Not grayish crap. I have op8T and that's my main concern! Everything else is totally perfect! Very awesome phone!

  7. Abhi Shek

    You missed app lock, fingerprint sensor shortcuts,dual apps,and ram boost features

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