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Oscars 2021: Winners & Biggest Moments From The Night

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The show isn’t over just yet — we’re reliving the biggest moments of the night, presented by Hulu.

More from Entertainment Tonight:

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. J Pitt

    Funny how the host act like this wasn't the worst Oscars ever LOL

  2. Pete James

    My future predicted Best Actress Oscars Winners:
    2022: Jennifer Hudson for Aretha Franklin
    2023: Nicole Kidman for Lucille Ball
    2024: Amy Dawson for Amy Winehouse

  3. Daltira

    “What a wild oscars night”….. are you fucking serious.

    Was a huge failure.

  4. Gio Ng

    hey NBA, you should follow OSCARS criteria too, too many African-Americans, more diversity please

  5. B Charles

    These clowns want you to take the covid jab it's causing women to have terrible periods and women in meno pause to bleed we that means cancer Hollywood your exposed a laughing stock with no theatres to stand on clowns

  6. JiveAt5

    Would you rather A; watch oscars

    B; watch turd dry in scorching sun

  7. metrin stoefta

    who ARE these bozos? and why would I care what they have to say. maybe someone else has this info.

  8. Jay Social

    White people and there ignorance. Calling an Asian, a women of colour and no social distancing?

  9. TheBoogeyman

    No mask land you mean….lmfao fuckn joke. Wheres all the mask and social distancing.

  10. Jeff Saint

    Et is so boring. Too fucken stupid to watch these people.

  11. Jerry

    I’ll stick to the 1940’s.

  12. Scott Scotty

    The only people moved by the Oscars were the homeless.

  13. Luis Benitez

    If your black, woman or a foreigner filmmaker you are gonna get the award 😂😂😂

  14. david Huffaker

    Scum of the earth giving each other awards for tasteless talentless film making . Cant see why the ratings are so low

  15. Thomas Murrell

    These people: Preaching about being better than average people

    Also these people; kicked out EVERY homeless person from the area they aired this, built walls and security around them, and even stopped nearby transportation from operating, all while circle jerking in their $15M gold suits and silver dresses

  16. Happyapple42

    It's like schindlers list and saving private Ryan didn't exist.

  17. Going Extinct

    I have an idea, everyone who has ever enjoyed the fame of winning an Award go to Skid Row and take a homeless mom into your home for Mother Day… without any camera to document your kindness. Lol
    Right, when pigs learn to fly!

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