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Outdoor Photography For Beginners: Backlit, Shade & Direct Sun

In this tutorial I go over 3 shooting styles: Direct Sun, Backlit, and Shade!

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This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. Walker Tapley

    “The hair band takes 2 hours to edit out”
    Are you sure? Lol!

  2. Kevin Duarte

    Hello, what’s Nathalie’s Instagram I’m make her my wife. Thanks in advance.

  3. CIVIL Mania

    videographer shooting angle is better than Photographers

  4. Charles Azevedo

    Jéssica at around 2:30 you show the effect of the sun behind her. I have a question in regards to the exposure.
    If you block the light with models head you focus the image and you are using any kind of metering, say spot metering, you will set you camera settings in this case you shutter speed to properly expose her face or slightly underexposed her. So you are metering her face and you have adjusted the s.s. Now you recompose a bit that it you let some sunlight to leak through her and the lens, your exposure will change. The question is:
    1. Do you keep metering her face with whatever focus point your are using? To get correct exposure whilst the sunlight in coming through the lens?
    2. Or do you totally recompose in a way you keep the same focal plane but now the focusing point is not on the models face and you adjust s.s accordingly you go about and change several times to get a correct exposure although I wonder if this is correct? TiA

  5. Eli Jones

    Where in Michigan are you? I’m from Zeeland, MI but I live currently in Lansing. 🙂 Love seeing a fellow Michigan Photographer!

  6. Siddhartha Dey

    The photographer is confused and she is confusing her model too….

  7. Ave Avenue

    I’m new to this, but I have a important question? Well to me it is?… how do you gage your shutter,aperture,and iso in the sun.l well not aperture…. but the others 2 for sure?

  8. Maya

    In backlit photography I don't like the flare

  9. D.J.

    "…we're in Michigan so we suffer immensely with any nice backdrop." You must have never seen Northern Michigan or the U.P.

  10. Siyyam Sarfraz

    How is she able to grab the camera still with 320 shutter speed…

  11. John Peters

    Great video Jessica! Awesome tips and I feel you on the lack of landscape options…Michigan resident here ✋??

  12. Haiti2017

    Nice vid. Thanks a bunch, still helping me out in 2019 🙂 You're awesome!

  13. JoJo

    castles in Australia? lol

  14. Mikal Kelaidis

    I know this is an old tutorial but for someone just getting started, this was insanely helpful. Thank you. I love your channel.

  15. Adrian Lewis

    Hi Jessica. Can I ask if your are a professional photographer. First f your videos I've seen I think. I like your casual relaxed style. Just wondering why you didn't use a bip of flash to lighten your models face or maybe a white reflector above and to the side for the same effect.

  16. KimChiTofu

    If I don't have a 1.4f lens, can I use my f3.5 lens for natural light shoot? Could you do a video for my question?

  17. Danielle Ryan

    Nice tutorial. Can you tell me what settings your camera is in when you take the shot?

  18. Michael Alvarez

    I would probably go for fstop of 1.2, 100 for iso and range between 1000-2000 SS.

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