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Patricia Richardson on Home Improvement Years & Working With Tim Allen | Leading Ladies of the '90s

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ET’s Kevin Frazier sits down with Patricia Richardson at her home in Los Angeles, where the 69-year-old actress gets candid about landing her role as Jill Taylor on ‘Home Improvement,’ working with Tim Allen and reuniting with her on-screen husband on ‘Last Man Standing.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. Faith Bell

    See how quickly time flies! Ms. Richardson is 70 years old. Wow, be afraid of old man time.

  2. Brian Jones

    the prettiest most alluringly feminine leading lady in TV history.
    No MILF crap here …just a real beauty with talent out both ears…

  3. TheIkaika777

    She’s the sole reason that Home Improvement ended when it did. She wanted the exact same salary as Tim Allen and she wanted to be an executive producer like Tim Allen was even though it was Tim’s show based on his stand-up comedy. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  4. Sshooter444

    If she had work done, then THATS a good plastic surgeon!

  5. rojer

    Is that Syboc (Spock's Vulcan half-brother) @ 1:12min. mark?

  6. Robert S

    I ever complaining a lot while that show was on. So you can take that for whatever it's worth.

  7. Rik

    I just love this lady. She seems like just a really nice person. Loved her in this sitcom. What a great interview.

  8. Ronin

    she's cool, and still looks great

  9. C. Pouliot

    Well….. just googled 'Home Improvement streaming'…. so…. mission accomplished…

  10. Dan Bardos

    "We're just sorta classic. Didn't deal with world events."

    "It still works today."


  11. S B

    Omg i love her and I love home improvement and i love that she loves roseanne bc thats my all time favorite show and I love roseanne so awesome😎

  12. Bargain Grocery

    What a beautiful and funny lady! Enjoyed watching Home Improvement the entire time it was run.

  13. Pat Kelley

    Thank you Patricia for all your hard work and the enjoyment for all of us. Please take care. You are the best in my eyes.

  14. Mitch Ham

    See, girls….it IS possible to get tasteful work done ! 🤫

  15. Joshua Channing

    As a kid growing up in the 90s, I lived vicariously through Home Improvement. Although I'm the youngest of 3 boys, I related more to Randy. But the reason I lived through this show growing up was because they represented the family I never had. Mom and dad divorced when I was 8, dad moved to another state and my brothers were in and out of JDC, jail and halfway houses. And I was put in with my aunt. So when Home Improvement came on, I would envision myself in that show and that way, I had the family dynamic that was denied me in real life.

    Watching this interview is bringing back GREAT memories and bringing on the tears. I now own the entire series and watch an episode or 2 every night.

    Home Improvement MADE my childhood!

  16. C W

    Still beautiful 🤩

  17. Kellie Westley

    Love her as jill and also the othere show widh you were still in it. Just stay bealth and live your kids. Best interview.

  18. Paco Waco

    Damn, I hope my future wife holds her youth like this woman.

  19. Andrew Pinkard

    The "Cancer" episode was a great story. Very realistic feeling.

  20. TigrisTheLynx

    Thank you so much for interviewing her! I've missed her as if she was my own mom. I see a lot of my parents in Tim and Jill, and I was Mark's age at the time, but an only child. They lived in a grander house in MI than we did, but it still felt like my family. I understand the struggle of trying to balance work and family, it's something I watched my mom struggle with in the 90s, too. I have so much respect for Patricia and wish I could see her in another sitcom with Tim. They were magic together.

  21. Masta Katz

    This was a great show. It was as real as any of them. Wouldn’t even be possible today as hollyweird would destroy it.

  22. Chris Braid

    Patricia really made the Show for me, probably because of the Tim in Me ! There’s a Lot of Tim in Me ! I sometimes wish that I’d met someone like her … Taylor Family were all such great performers …

  23. Hasan Ibrahim

    The petite kayak cosmetically command because partridge biochemically irritate beneath a impolite pedestrian. silky, dry cover

  24. Vindawg

    Wow she's aged really well. Home Improvement was my fav show growing up!

  25. keri reeder

    I loved home improvement Jill was the reason home improvement went of the air she wanted more money don’t be fulled

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