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Photo Tips for Beginners (From a Model)

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Chuck L


    Several linguists have suggested people who use like fillers are more engaged in conversations. You have their full attention, readily rephrase concepts, are good listeners who remember more of what you say in order to give thoughtful responses. I see that in Haley Amaya and I liked her more for it. She looked directly at Walid while he was interviewing her, and her eyes wandered to consider her answer only after he was finished speaking. It was a good exchange, there was a beat before Walid asked followup questions as well so there was a level of respect.

    The part about DM'ing models via Instagram was interesting. Haley prefers to hear a fully-formed idea and how she can help make it happen. I always figured this was an agency model mindset. It's an odd decentralization when they focus on what they bring to a photograph or brand rather than being shot solely because they are beautiful. Like a friend used to judge photos from paid shoots by how good he made clothes looks, and his portfolio images by how good he looked. More commonly I see social media models require sessions to be about them and their personality before they show interest in a project. But I could be off base with that distinction.

    Walid, that guy you're afraid of becoming? Some are at the sweet spot where they motivate and keep energy high – thinking of Andrea Belluso here; it's his style and he gets results. But you gotta admit the extreme ones are objectively hilarious to watch. I've seen a handful act like they were shooting Vigo the Carpathian.

  2. Stansphotos1

    Like how many times can she say Like in Like one minute. Like seriously.

  3. LProds

    This is great. My wife is a fashion blogger so I've been forced to learn photography, but it's grown so much on me that it's become a great hobby. I recently started my own photography instagram page, and even though I have no plans of making a career out of it I'd like to shoot different models, to make it more interesting. This video is very helpful since I know I'm going to struggle after being so used to shooting with my wife only. Great tips. Thanks.

  4. Manthan Thakar

    This video was very helpful sir! Can you make a video on how to direct a model or something like that!?

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