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Photo to Oil Painting Effect (Without Oil Filter) – Photoshop Tutorial

In this oil painting Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to turn photo to oil painting effect in Photoshop cc with very easy-to-follow steps. at the end of the tutorial, you will be able to turn almost any photo into a painting effect.
**Convert any Photo into a REALISTIC Oil Painting Effect:


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This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. Pritesh Rajput

    Nice work man..keep it up..!! Waiting for new videos..!!💐

  2. Edited my parents' picture for their Anniversary. They love it!!! It was on point, it looked like it was really oil painted! Thank you so much! Will practice more about this.

  3. Joshua Ozoya

    Two minutes silence for those who dislike this awesome tutorial👯

  4. Money Bambino

    Using the brush tool at the end is confusing as hell, he didn't explain exactly how to use it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. hector barriento

    great and valuable work with a formidable result!
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge !!

  6. j6g Teeworlds

    Nah, man, this is some next-level video… amazing explanation and quality… thank you!

  7. TheHighGuard UK

    This is really helpful, really well explained and displayed, thanks very much.

  8. The Man

    you are perfect man!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!

  9. ReinisRap

    No offense, but looks like the image from the very beginning has some oil effect added to it, thus such a great outcome. Nevertheless, great tutorial!

  10. Angel Alvizu

    excelente tutorial, a pesar de que no domino el ingles pude entener bien el efecto.. gracias

  11. Reis Rivaldo

    great job sir, thanks. btw, what if the background of the photo is not black or bright color? so should I increase the level of shadow?

  12. Ruth Drews

    I liked the video. My question, what made you choose the colors that you did for the “lights”?.

  13. CrUNKz

    Dam , your a wizard harry!! xD

  14. Set LegacyTV

    I really enjoyed learning from you…Thank you so much

  15. C

    how do i do this on an old person with alot of wrinkles?

  16. I don't see how this method is easier than using Oil Paint Filter. that was a greet way to make a photo look like an oil painting –especially working with landscapes. With you method, the strokes look way too sharp. What happened with the Oil Painting filter? Why is it gone? I will try your method when I work on my portraits. Thanks so much for the video anyway. It all helps out! Take care.

  17. ?

    You rock. Thank you.

  18. From The Grind Up

    thanks for this. although I don't know what you mean by oil paint filter not working

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