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Photographic Composition | Tips for Beginners | Canon EOS RP | Mirrorless Camera | #welearn

Full blog post with detailed info of the video can be found here -

We Learn is a series of videos by where we aim to improve ourselves from a philosophical point of view, through art! We consider ourselves “learners of the journey” and we`d like to share and exchange inspiration among the community of arts and art lovers. This episode we`ll be chit-chatting about Lighting & Color within photography composition. If you have any feedback or question for us, please reach out to

Equipment used:
Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Standard Autofocus Lens:
Main Camera, Mirrorless, full fram Canon EOS RP:
Memory Card:
Velbon Tripod used:
The microphone used:
LED GVM Lightning – Continuous Led Lights: (it comes with a case and small stands)

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