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Photography First Steps for Beginners – Camera Types and Tips

So finally, I have done my first video after deciding to start a VLOG about photography. My aim is to provide some basics for beginners and share experiences gathered during my travels with my lovely wife

This first session is about camera types like system cameras, DSLR and mirror less. I am talking about their main differences and some experiences I made with them.

Check out my latest Iceland Travel Movie:
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I hope it will find interest and will help you as you embark on your journey as a photographer.
Let me know of your thoughts, share your comments and tell me about your experiences!

My Gear:
VLOG camera:
CAMERA I am using ALL the time:
LENSE used to show the aperture:
I get my MUSIC from:

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  1. Robert Schäffer

    Dunno who the f** this guy is, but that german accent is freaking awesome. Please make some good night tale videos too. 😛 But nice content there.
    BTW …that orchid looks freaking awesome. 😀 What kind of plant formula are you using you console peasant? 😀

  2. megathudo

    MAMMA THE MIA EH LUIGI MY BRODAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! guess who it is XD

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