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Photography for Beginners – How to get Background Blur – Aperture Tutorial ? DIY in 5 Ep 30

How do you get the background blur effect with your DSLR camera? You adjust the aperture to a low f-stop. This is also known as a shallow depth of field effect. Aperture is like the camera’s pupil. The more open it is the more light is let in. Consequently this controls how in-focus the background looks compared to the foreground. A lower f-stop like f2.8 will give you a shallow depth of field or a blurry background and in-focus foreground or subject. A higher f-stop like f8 will bring the entire frame into focus. All lenses have maximum and minimum f-stops they can achieve. In general the consumer grade lenses have higher f-stop ratings than professional lenses. We suggest you use or so you can find the lens that fits your need before spending down hundreds or thousands of dollars to own it. These are great photography for beginners tips.

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  1. The best part of your videos is that you make it short and clear when compared to others who take 10 to 15 mins to explain. For a beginner, your 3 mins videos and the lame man language explains it better. Thanks.

  2. well i was using a wide angle lens how will i make the background blur i tried it work but it was a medium shot i need a long shot making the background blur and foreground focus

  3. Hello, i just bought a nikon d3400 with both the 18-55 and the 70-300 lenses….. i took my grandchildren to the park and took a bunch of pics using both lenses,, i was able to get two great picks of them with the blurry background,, but wasn't able to replicate it again…. and i tried about 100 times..LOL… please help…… someone told me to put my camera in apature priority mode,,, i so confused

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