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Photography Pricing for Beginners | 10 Tips for Booking MORE in 2021

Photography pricing for beginners // In this video I am giving my 10 best tips for booking more weddings and photography clients in 2021 when it comes to pricing. Wedding photography prices and packages can be a tricky thing to figure out, and it is something that has definitely taken me a few years to really nail down the process for. Learning how to price your photography is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are trying to figure out what to charge as a beginner. I tried to compile the 10 best thing I learned into 10 pricing tips for photographers, and put them into this video. I hope that by watching this video you will feel more confident in your photography pricing, and how to display your prices.
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  1. Monzon Media

    Appreciate the tips Samia, I will definitely put these into practice, I like the idea of having options, curious if you also include prints, digital or both?

  2. Diva's Studio

    Love what you bring💖💖💖😍! Great information!! I really appreciate you sharing all these useful tips, especially for beginner photographers. Thanks for sharing, Can't wait to see more of your videos, New friend here. let’s be friend! and stay connected😍

  3. Omar Almousa

    Great advice, already took my prices off my website!

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