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Photography Tips For Beginners

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I’m going to share a quick and easy photography photography tips for beginners – a simple exercise – that will help you improve your photography, and it only takes 20 minutes. It will help develop your creativity, which means your ability to see things and transform your imagination into reality. This helps you take better pictures. It helps you become a better photographer. I’m going to run through an example exercise I did, break my thought process down, and talk about what we can learn from this type of photography exercise.

You don’t need to leave your home to do this photography tutorial either, so it’s perfect for lockdown photography. I found a statue in a church, but you could use a bowl of fruit or ornament in your home.


#PhotographyTutorial #ImproveYourPhotography

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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. Firefromthenorth

    That was a wonderful lesson on being creative. The subject may have been 'just a statue' initially but, with each differently angled shot, it came alive. You are an amazing teacher and I shall use this as a basis for slowing down and looking at subjects more openly. Thank you, Simon.

  2. Merita De Melo

    I feel so grateful finding your chanel. I love so much your tutorials

  3. Andrew Warner

    My friend, do you have a course. This was amazing. Story is what I struggle with in terms of photography. Amazing breakdown here, especially lighting and how it conveys emotion

  4. Barbi Q

    Happy New Year, Simon. Really good to hear your thought processes on this video. This year I'm aiming to be more focused on specifically taking images that suit my impressionist work, rather than taking pictures and then finding some in the batch that I can use. I found this video very useful to start me thinking ahead. Thanks. B

  5. Martin Howard

    Loved this video Simon – thank you. Really helpful to an aspiring photographer. Dead pan humour put a smile on my face too 🙂

  6. Ron Williams

    OMG !, how refreshing, a photographer who demonstrates what he preaches. I now have to spend a few hours to see all the videos on your site.
    Thank you for spending time and effort to share your passion.

  7. Mark Taylor

    Beautifully put together Simon, and a great lesson for me, and I'm sure many others.

  8. Paul Farrell

    Wow!! From a total beginner – thank you!! Struggling to make time to practise at the moment – but this was so inspiring – I'll get there!! I'm subbed!!! Thanks again.

  9. David Collier

    Thank you Simon, anything that makes you think is good.
    Many thanks to Jamie Overland for the recommendation ( on the podcat).
    Now a subscriber


    Hi Simon. Incredibly helpful to actually 'see' the examples of composition, story and lighting as you explain them vs. solely talking to the viewer. I just discovered your channel via the Facebook group "Landscape Photography on YouTube" and subscribed. Looking forward to catching up to older videos and to watching more content!

  11. Such a great video, on making a fairly boring subject into a great image. I found this really useful and made me look at the way I shoot images in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great video Simon. I thoroughly enjoyed this with my morning coffee

    Stay well bud 👍

  13. Alan Coles

    Now this is the way to put over an idea, a tutorial etc – great content Simon. I have watched some people trying to put over thing like this and rmabled on for ages without really hitting the mark. You have done n 6 short mins what some can't do in as many episodes. Congratulations. Atb Al

  14. Thats one of the best short tutorials I have watched in ages, a great reminder of the key elements and the pathway to great images and stories.

  15. Mikey McManus

    Good advice and nice to see a step away from gear videos from wannabes.
    I laughed way to hard at the subject matter and your narration 😂

  16. Jamie Overland

    Brilliant Simon – a really well explained and illustrated lesson in creativity

  17. Kevin Marshall

    Absolutely brilliant puts the whole idea of a great photo in perspective, very informative video, well done Simon


    Nice! Need a kick to get motivated again. Thanks.

  19. Simon Burn

    You can do a similar exercise in your local park, church, or even at home using a bowl of fruit – it's all about looking and trying new things to improve creativity 🙂

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