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Photoshop Complete Tutorial in Hindi | Photoshop for Beginners to Advanced | With 12 Projects

#Photoshop #Tutorial #Hindi #Beginners

This video is a complete tutorial of Photoshop. We will learn Photoshop step by step with 12 real time projects in Hindi. This course is designed for beginners but we will learn some advanced Photoshop skill through projects.

Photoshop is a powerful design software with a lot going on, including a wealth of tools that can seem overwhelming at times. But Photoshop isn’t just for the professionals.
With a little help, you can easily teach yourself how to use it to create beautiful, compelling graphics. All it takes is an introduction to core elements with projects — in plain Hindi or Urdu.

I have designed this course in such a way that you will start with basics and introduction to core tool then we will dive deep into some advanced tricks and tools to make image editing really simple.

Below are the list of topic and timeline which will help you to jump on a specific section of this step by step Photoshop tutorial in Hindi.

00:00:00 Section 01: Introduction and Installation
00:10:56 Section 02: open, save and close file in Photoshop
00:17:49 Section 03: crop tool
00:21:29 Section 04: zoom-in & zoom-out
00:24:37 Section 05: Layers in Photoshop
00:42:46 Section 06: Image size
00:46:24 Section 07: Image Rotation
00:49:14 Section 08: Image Auto Settings
00:50:27 Section 09: Blank & White
00:51:45 Section 10: Brightness & Contrast
00:52:33 Section 11: Eraser tool
00:55:10 Section 12: Background Eraser tool
01:00:01 Section 13: Magic Eraser tool
01:01:55 Section 14: Paint Bucket tool
01:04:52 Section 15: Gradient Tool
01:09:14 Section 16: Text Tool
01:14:48 Section 17: Shape Tool
01:19:29 Section 18: Clone Stamp Tool
01:21:09 Section 19: Guide in Photoshop
01:24:26 Section 20: Eye Dropper Tool
01:25:58 Section 21: Brush Tool
01:29:19 Section 22: Selection Tool
01:40:58 Section 23: Lasso Tool
01:43:53 Section 24: Polygonal lasso tool
01:45:53 Section 25: Magnetic Lasso Tool
01:49:12 Section 26: Magic Wand Tool
01:52:33 Section 27: Quick Selection Tool
01:57:09 Section 28: Pen Tool
02:36:54 Section 29: Spot Healing Brush
02:40:02 Section 30: Healing Brush Tool
02:43:57 Section 31: Patch Tool
02:46:11 Section 32: Content Aware Move Tool
02:48:12 Section 33: Red Eye Tool
02:49:06 Section 34: Dodge and Burn Tool
02:52:35 Section 35: Sponge Tool
02:55:36 Section 36: Content aware fill
02:59:27 Section 37: Slice Tool
03:09:02 Section 38: Blur in Photoshop
03:10:29 Section 39: Shadow in Photoshop
03:13:36 Section 40: Smart Object in Photoshop
03:20:53 Section 41: Liquify
03:26:39 Section 42: Layer Mask
03:34:18 Section 43: Clip Mask
03:43:27 Section 44: Adjustment Layers
03:48:47 Section 45: Project – 1 : Remove object or Person from an image
03:57:21 Section 46: Project – 2 : Color Object in black and white photo
03:59:22 Section 47: Project – 3 : Edit text in image with no known fonts
04:05:45 Section 48: Project – 4 : Change the Color of an object
04:13:22 Section 49: Project – 5 : Remove Background
04:17:48 Section 50: Project – 6 : Face Retouch or Makeup
04:22:33 Section 51: Project – 7 : Body Transformation
04:31:51 Section 52: Project – 8 : YouTube Poster or Banner
04:44:36 Section 53: Project – 9 : Double Exposer Effect in Photoshop
04:49:55 Section 54: Project – 10 : Blend Photo
04:58:33 Section 55: Project – 11 : Swap Faces
05:11:59 Section 56: Project – 12 : Website Design

In this Video Tutorial series I will giving you full training about Adobe Photoshop from basic to advance level with easy and best explanation. If you like this Photoshop tutorial in Hindi do leave us a comment.

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc. for Windows and macOS. It was originally created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, the software has become the industry standard not only in raster graphics editing, but in digital art as a whole.

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  1. Your tEaching style is awesome sir….but you are way toooooo underrated. You are far far better than so called graphic designer but sir be continuous …you will definetely break the record…i am now able to do anything photoshop & this is possible only becoz of u sir…
    One request plz make tutorial on illustrator becoz apke alwa koi aur nahi use samjha sakta…??????

  2. Hey keep up the work! This tutorial is really helpful. It will be really grateful if you come up with Adobe Xd tutorial . There is no perfect and free course on yt for adobe xd. Thanks again for putting so much efforts for °° aavaam°° like us.? May you keep growing on YT ..

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