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Photoshop Tutorial: Extracting People in CS5 the easy way

How to create a selection to extract a model from an image in order to place on a different background. More specifically how to make difficult selections around hair. We explore the new Refine Radius Tool in Photoshop CS5.

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  1. Well why would you make it difficult for yourself and shoot someone standing in the woods if you needed to extract them?
    I can understand if you didn't realise until later that you need to extract them, in which case these systematic approaches to extracting a subject don't work for complex situations like that. You need to use the tools and techniques taught in this tutorial as much as you can but you going to need to perform manual operations at some point

  2. hey drivelinebrodie,
    plz i got some problems here,
    i did all these steps, but when i use Brush tool on the objecto of the pic, it becomes more dark around the object, and bad results .
    plz help me sirrrr,
    tnx in advance sir,

  3. Id still use the exact same techniques.

    Another popular method to obtain your mask of your subject, is using the pen tool. Use it to go around the edges of your subject. Look in my videos for another tutorial on extracting people in CS4. theres some extra tricks in there.

  4. I have a problem, and need help! When I do this, the hair of the person becomes transparent. What can I do to avoid this? Can you make another short video with this problem?


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