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PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL | How to Create a Wedding Invitation Design

How to Create a Wedding Invitation Design in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create a clean and elegant watercolour wedding invitation in Photoshop. To do this we will be using some beautiful watercolour floral illustrations, a few nice looking typefaces, and some decorative design elements to add a bit of sophistication and charm. After designing our invite we will build a wedding themed scene using elements from one of the mock-ups from the Design Cuts Marketplace to push the idea even further by presenting it in the best possible way. If you are all ready to begin then open up Photoshop and let’s get started!

You can find the freebies used in this tutorial here:



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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Design Cuts

    You can find the freebies used in this tutorial here:

    Enjoy this tutorial? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

    If you've enjoyed this tutorial please give us a thumbs up and don't forget to Subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials ☺

  2. Marisol Acosta

    Do you have a photoshop tutorial on how to set two 5”x7”invitations on an 8.5x 11 art board to print two invitations on one sheet of cardstock?

  3. moises viterbo

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂 sir how about the mockup files? where we can get or do you have tutorial for that? I mean for mockup file is the one that you can change the color like envelope, earings or etc 🙂

  4. Radhika Ravindra

    Purely aesthetic and classic design, thanks a lot for this! Hope you do more of these 🙂

  5. Eugene Rim

    Thanks to Eric Vasquez – an excellent wedding invitation, the smallest remained: to find a bride.

  6. Hassan Raza

    your link of downloading freebies worked but unable to login

  7. pruvit keto os

    I try to select different cachacter what do i need to do to see all the option i have the molly scrip and ornament but i dont see the option where u can select different cachacter

  8. I used the freebies but the quality is really bad! Can you tell me why? I used the link in the description box.

  9. mahdiyeh mm

    That was wonderful! What's the best kind of paper for printing this card? Thank u. 🙂

  10. leitot

    Hi, I'm having trouble with the card. The card graphic I'm using doesn't scale well to the proportions you have here. It's more narrow. I thought it would be easy to simply remove the excess from around the edges but it looks like the excess is coming from a rectangle in the Linear Burn layer. I tried to remove the excess from that layer but the envelope itself is incomplete without the excess. Any advice?

  11. Deziree Padilla

    what type of photoshop was used for this? I am very new to all of this. I don't even know what to purchase

  12. Priyanka Bohra

    Sir i need free website for downloading files so plz tel me free website name

  13. Raymark Canero

    how to make images import high resolution like yours and its transparency?

  14. Just Lou

    Just a question please- would you be able to sell this design on Zazzle/Cafepress, etc? Or are these images/fonts subject to royalties and copyrights? I'm looking into how to design and sell my own designs.

  15. Jarden Suhi

    If you don't have talent to make invitation then this is the place where to get it is. gd/invitationmaker

  16. Lizbeth

    Hello. Thank you for the tutorial. God bless you. Could you please tell me what is the ideal size for wedding save the date invitation card? I want to make one for my sister. I will definitely credit you in my work. Please do let me know

  17. Jolie Bar

    33mins long vid….? ? Let me scroll through the comments real quick..??

  18. tlifo

    Hi! Thank you for the video

    I've got a question: how to create a double sided invitation?

  19. Artist By Heart

    Hi may I know how to print this? Can I copy it to word doc first to make a 2 pages in 1 A4 size paper?

  20. @Design Cuts I have a problem here in the tutorial it say's to press the ALT option key and the number 8 to create a bullet (that looks more like a circle to me) to separate the date from the time. But….. when I press on the ALT key and the number 8 nothing happen. It doesn't write anything it stay blank I try the same thing with other letters and the same thing happened for all the numbers it doesn't write anything. I have a PC not a MAC so I don't know what I am doing wrong here but do you have another way for me to type that bullet or should I just draw a circle and put it between the text and the time? Thank you in advance for your help!

  21. Au Lou

    Merci pour ce partage et bonne continuation

  22. 415hispfemale

    can you tell me what version of adobe this requires? The Photoshop CC Plan or the All App Plan?

  23. Munawer khalil

    I want some web designing complete information ( PSD templates )

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