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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Download & Install New Brushes & other Presets

Photoshop CS5 tutorial showing step-by-step how to find, download & install new brushes & other presets into Photoshop.

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Ashish Sarker

    hey thanks for the video. I'm watching it in 2021. Great help.

  2. AstroSter 1

    Even after 8 years this is more easy to follow, useful and quick than most tutorials nowadays.

  3. Ayo Rowe

    when i go into my presets folder there is no brushes folder?? ive looked everywhere

  4. Amazing video. I was not able to import my brushes into photoshop for some reason, but after following your tutorial, I got it done. Thanks a lot!! ALso I subbed

  5. Moo

    It didn't show up in my preset manager … :C can you help me?

  6. Gokul G

    Remember the time when nobody knew what the hell winzip was😅😂 and he had to explain it to us

  7. mix

    Wait a second.. on his (C) disk.. 1.79 TERABITES?! ARE YOU WORKING FOR NASA?

  8. Tyreak Ezekiel

    please i need help with something., everytime i download a brush and use it on photoshop it comes out as a stamp, its so annoying. can you help out

  9. Flecha57

    Great video. Easy to follow, straight to the point, no annoying music! Thanks!

  10. Kaont

    thanks my nigga u tha best

  11. md shakib

    This is now my favorite tutorial channel.

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