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Photoshop Tutorial: How to make a POP ART portrait from a Photo!

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Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to quickly and easily make an Andy Warhol, pop art portrait from a photo.


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This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. Cecilie Fjetland

    the filter gallery place the dots in the white how do I get it to place on the face?

  2. mello vibes

    Why does my mask leave a shadow overlay over the subject when I cut it out?

  3. Tracey Mahoney

    Another great tutorial , I am new to photoshop and kinda flaky with the brush, but hopefully the more I do it the better I will become , thanks Marty your the best

  4. Victor Adams

    I haf a problem. My Filtergalery is shaped gray and i can't use it how can i Fix this?

  5. Pat M.

    Thank you for this tutorial! I have an unfinished artwork that requires pop art style! Life saver

  6. Kendoman

    Soooo when I filled the background with white after the quick mask my entire photo gets bright….anyone have any solutions to this?

  7. 0lx

    Thank you I will follow each step, because I need to make a pop art for my school !

  8. Nicolas Packard

    I'm having trouble at 2:22 , Ctrl + delete , to get the background white. I have my layer locked because I'm trying to follow this as closely as I can.

  9. Motero V4

    Hi Marty, perfect tutorial.
    I have a question: Would there be a way to make the dot pattern (halftones) configurable, make it smaller (pixel size), or with more or less separation, etc?
    It's for small resolution (320x200px) image, that dots seem too much big.
    Thank you very much.

  10. bunnyphoto

    I tried this for at least an hour and till could not get it.

  11. Pablo Saccinto

    Hi Marty, this is Pablo from Argentina. I love your tutorial. It was really helpful. If I would like to print my pop art photo in High resolution (acrylic print) what image size should I use?
    I hope you are keeping safe and healthy.

  12. Sami Macrae

    amazing tutorial! thank you so much for narrating and having subtitles because I really struggle with tutorials that just click on stuff without saying the directions 🙂

  13. maybesoon

    ok, but lets just appreciate his voice, like its from 60s commercials love it

  14. Bright Badon

    please help out guys anytime i want to apply the halftone pattern filter it shows an inverted image.. (I.e) the dark pixels turn white dots
    while the bright pixels turns black dots

  15. beauty spot

    I love Marty hes a fab teacher……Thank you Marty!!!

  16. Renee Campbell

    omg this is the best tutorial – no one ever points to each selection -thank you thank you thank you

  17. Ella Sardu

    It's not working on my mac when I want to press cmd and delete on the mac. Nothing happens…?

  18. Cat

    Why the Halftone Pattern effects don't work in my photoshop?! please answer.

  19. Not far to go. You are #9 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'pop art'.You are almost there.

  20. i can´t have a crispy image like the tutorial, it came very dark the face 🙁 , any tips¡?

  21. potato

    When I do the half tone pattern, why does it make the light colors black for me and the dark colors white?? Please help

  22. Q. Strad

    after making copy pf my picture I cant do the filter gallery, I don't know what is wrong with mine?!

  23. Peter Walker

    grrr…the halftone pattern covers the whole image and there are no shadows and highlights…what am I doing wrong?


    Has the filter changed or am i doing it wrong? in the video there are no dots where the pure highlights are, just how i want it, but when i use the filter the dots are also in the highlights 🙁

  25. Ardensity

    1:05 Why did you decrease the pixels for the image? is it better to work with low pixels for the pop art effect?

  26. CaptainMyCaptain

    Your videos are awesome as always!! Thank you.
    Could you do one that is just a simple silk screen dotted image? Or even like an old computer from the 80s that does the dotted images?

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