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Photoshop Tutorial – Neon Text Effect

This Photoshop tutorial covers how to create a realistic neon text effect with wires. We’ll be working with styles, filters, free textures and fonts & much more. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please slap a like on it. It lets me know you’ve liked it.


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  1. I'm writing this in my notebook to take to school to use my notes instead of going back and forth through the video and my photoshop app/link thing, and I was at 7:41 and I've already written like 57. steps for this. WOW

  2. I really need a reply on this question!: What Photoshop Link or App do you use for this? ~TYSM if anyone replys with what i need to use for this!~

  3. i have Photoshop 2019 but when i open it this morning i notice that when i right click on a layer the menu bar is white it's usually black how do i fix this i don't see any option in preference interface.

  4. after the merge visible layers part it went downhill. I couldn't do it with the shortcut I'm not sure why. when I just manually did merge all layers the same outcome didn't come as I kept working to the video

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