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Photoshop tutorial on creating business cards

How to easily create business cards in photoshop. More info at

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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Mark Harris

    Absolutely spot on Robert. Thank you very much, you've saved me a packet. For those you find it a little too fast just watch it about 4 times (like I did) and pause when necessary 😉

  2. Sam Lye

    It's not the matter of fast or slow. It's whether you know how to use the tools correctly.

  3. Haylz

    I don't understand why people are struggling to follow this? I barely ever use Photoshop and I got a good grasp on it. That is a brillaint advertising idea by the way, I'll have to remember it!

  4. roshark lust

    are u kidding me?? this is like 1% of difficulty O.O how u guys don't get it ? omg

  5. ruvelf

    hand 'em out to aaaaalllllllll.

  6. Kitty Luella

    Great video, really helped alot!! ppl just rewind the video..

  7. westmc45

    if you know photo shop why watch this?

  8. MasterVidTaker

    Umm how was that again? Oh yeah "Just like that!" Thanks for explaining that!

  9. Adrez

    He's Canadian. What do you expect? Just like that!

  10. MarkandMom

    I had difficulty with this in that it was a little quick, but more than that it didn't get enough verbal detail on a few key points that would have made this easier to use. I must be working with a different version, because at times what was in front of me wasn't what was on the screen. Not your fault I know, just saying. I did have to replay a few areas to see the settings used, as my resizing and copying didn't go "just like that".

  11. Dzeno

    thanks for the tut!….nottttttt!!!!!!!

  12. Estilo In Action

    @olit1234 Exactly what I was thinking….Noobs move a long please 🙂

  13. obbly

    @Cardinstar Well at least thank him for taking the time to create a tutorial. I'm quite familiar with the tools in photoshop and just needed a quick guide and, I found it useful.

  14. Gelli Bean

    Assumming you know photoshop,its terminology and understand layers and how they work. this is pretty easy to follow. If not you need to be looking at a layers tutorial. NOT this one. because that IS what he's doing. LAYERs !! its a tutorial for making business cards not for layers and terminology. look up tutorials for all that . and this tutorial WILL make sense! PROMISE! …. I learned a lot esp the end of the tutorial. which was most useful to me. thanks! GREAT TUTORIAL

  15. SuchaCaligrrl

    That is great, but I wish you had taken the time to explain what all you did step by step, I couldn't keep up. I dont know photoshop lingo but I would love to learn. I like the idea of using a personal photo for a business card. Wish I could do it.

  16. Im Spartacus

    Tutorial? Still hope i can eventually get to this speed using photoshop here's dreaming.

  17. backbeatxrhythm

    it's great that you're so fast with photoshop but showing off your speed isn't really the purpose of a tutorial.

  18. Cardinstar

    Tutorial? Who makes a tutorial, does stuff really fast and then says "just like that" as if the novice is suppose to know? Are you just showing off or is it really a tutorial?

  19. neneaodin

    u re an idiot a tutorial should be slow CUZ IT S A TUTORIAL

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