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Photoshop Tutorial: Part 1 ~ How to Create a 1960s Psychedelic Poster (Design #3)

Photoshop CC 2015 tutorial in 2 parts, showing how to design and create a mind-bending, psychedelic music rock poster in the free love, heyday of the 1960s. (Design #3)

Part 2:

Bell Bottom Laser Font:

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Music track: “Creeper”

Photo by Gered Mankowitz. It has a Creative Commons license and in the public domain.

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  1. if all you guys see is the trees and flowers folders, go to window>shapes> click on hamburger menu icon > legacy shapes and more – you'll find two folders in there which have all the previous version shapes, including the ones used in this video 😀

  2. Hey fantastic video I almost had it fully but got lost at the end 8:56 my star burst shape doesn't come out like yours, I made sure I had all the settings correct. Ima go on to the next video and see how it comes out without it

  3. I've been trying to do the frame (with rounded rectangle tool) but it has been imposible. It makes the frame but when i do the stroke path step nothing happens. I have the CS6, and it seems to work differently. Do you know what might be the problem? Thank u. Love your videos.

  4. it would be a great help if you could just tell me what is happening at 9:11 . in my photoshop at this point i am stuck , because in this point i am not seeing the dotted line for selection for shape.. could you tell me what will i do ??

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