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Photoshop Tutorial – Photo Manipulation Effect – Warrior

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This Post Has 29 Comments


    i havent got the background image an tiger image please send mee😔

  2. smarttouch agence

    Good but the tiger don't look at warrior eyes it could make it more realistic

  3. Mawais Ansar

    You need to reduce the Scale of tiger it will be more realistic anyway nice work

  4. Cyberthooth McGe

    Hi! I really liked your Tutorial but the relevant part was waaaay to fast for a beginner like me 🙂 maybe you could slow it down so slow people like me can follow? 😉

  5. Evangel Sektor

    with the tiger's mane u could have just refined the edges, could have been much more easier and less time consuming but hey, there are so many ways to skin a cat, so no worries. Kudos to this dope artwork tho, well done!!

  6. Assasins

    nice work bro…greetings from malaysia….

  7. mohammed anbar

    you want to dogdge & burn its a great effect on skin > nice work

  8. Chris Buckley

    Very nice easy manip, well done. But please post all stock images, you will get many more followers that way. People like to follow along with the original stock it helps in the learning process . Keep it up.

  9. Mauro EDR

    Olá, vc pode disponibilizar o link das imagens que vc usou?
    hello , you could give the link of the images used ?

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