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PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Photo Restoration, How to repair and restore damaged Photographs

In this video, I show you how I restore photographs using Adobe Photoshop. Whether you’re working to repair cherished family portraits or if you’d just like to see historical photos shine again like new, this video is for you!

My non destructive editing method broadly involves using Photoshop’s crop and healing brush tools, along with some subtle brightness adjustment using a curves adjustment layer.

I made a companion tutorial where I colour the restored photograph. Which can be found here if you’re interested:

More can be found about the original photograph here:

To see colourised pictures, including the one featured in this video, you can follow me at the following:

#Restoration #Photoshop #Repair #’Restore #Fix

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  1. Mate, this was an absolutely fantastic video. The first video I clicked on when searching photo repair. You deserve far more subscribers than you have. Great tutorial. New subscriber ??✌?

  2. Hi! Very great tutorial, but just one question. At 8:55, the black line above the eye seems to appear very suddenly for healing brush mode. How come? How did it happen? Montage of did i miss something? Thanks!

  3. I have been doing restorations for several years. It is interesting how you and I use different techniques to achieve the same results. As well, it is always good to see a fresh approach a problem. It gives me the chance to learn something new. Good job!

  4. Hello! I have one photo of my grandfather when he was youngish but on this photo, we can only see the contour of his face (all facial elements have been erased by time so there are no eyes, no mouth, no nose). But I have a few photos of him much older. How could I use the facial elements from the old photo to reconstruct the photo of him when younger? Would really appreciate your answer, it's the only photo of him young that we have, it would mean a lot to my family.

  5. Hey man great video. I want to ask how you make your spot healing brush bigger when you picked the eye?. You pick only inside of the eye then make it bigger which is blow my mind. I am new in the photoshop so i look at it in the internet but i couldnt find anything. Can you please tell me 🙂

  6. I came across your channel whilst looking for Paintsop Pro X9 tutorials. I must say that you have taught me mor about repair and colorisation than any PSP tutorial. Sadly, some of what I have learned from you today, I have no idea how to replicate on PSP. and purchasing PS is not an option I can afford.

    I can, however, recommend your tutorials for their clear and concise delivery. Excellent and thank you.

  7. Hi, Liked the video, however as I'm a relative new comer to PS I found you assume the viewer has a reasonably good knowledge of PS.
    Like you I find fixing photos very therapeutic and rewarding. I have a large family tree which has a lot of old pic in which I need to fix. I can do some of the the stuff you do in your video, however MY biggest is I can't manage to lighten the very dark areas toning down the white ones. I always end up with a very flat gray thing which looks very manipulated. I ones found a tool which when rubbed over a black dress made it lighter and reveled it had folds and it looked fine. Would you consider doing a video similar to this one, ONLY could you gear it to the older and slower of us out here.
    I'm of a generation which grew up using things called paper and pencils, street telephones, no road markings, credit cards, etc etc, but we were lucky we had Elvis!
    Many thanks
    Terry (73)

  8. Thank you that was fabulous! I am actually going to restore my photos and hand color them like the old days. Can you tell my which version of Photos shop that is best for me to purchase if much of my work will be restoring old photos? Thank you again Great!

  9. Thank you very much for the fantastic tutorial. I recently set out to color and restore some old family photos and their channel is the one that is helping me the most to understand and do it well.

    Thank you so much for everything.

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