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Photoshop Tutorial – Photoshop Layers and Layer Masks for beginners

Learn what photoshop layers and photoshop layer masks are and how to use them. Photoshop layers tutorial and photoshop layer masks tutorial for beginners.

Download the entire course and project files here –

This Photoshop CC tutorial for beginners walks you through exactly what are layers in photoshop and what are layer masks in photoshop. You will learn how to use lays in photoshop and the best photoshop masks techniques. This is a photoshop layers tutorial and photoshop layer masks tutorial of beginners. Learn photoshop for beginners tutorial and photoshop tutorials for beginners. This is a how too guid for layers and layer masks for your photo editing. These are basic photoshop skills that you need to learn and this is a light hearted fun photoshop layers how to. photoshop layers explained.

Part 1 – What is Photoshop –
Part 2 – QuickStart Guide –
Part 3 – Import/Edit/Export –
Part 4 – Settings and Workspaces –
Part 5 – Import Methods –
Part 6 – Adobe Camera RAW –
Part 7 – HDR –
Part 8 – Panoramas –
Part 9 – Crop Tool –
Part 10 – Layers and Layer Masks –


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  1. This is great. Some people really don’t get what layers are especially if they haven’t worked with anything g like this before

    If I didn’t know what layers were before I would understand now very clearly. I still don’t know how to get the layers box to show up on ps though. It like disappeared

  2. Thank you for this! For several years I have tried to understand the concept of layer masks, but for some reason, I always got "lost" when it came to telling us to use brushes to paint on the layer. But your explanation was clear and concise, and I NOW finally understand it. Thanks again!

  3. There are several factors in photoshop lessons. One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Trevs photo blue print (google it if you're interested) it's the most incredible plan i've seen. Check out the awesome info.

  4. At 7:16 you have hidden the top layer and layer mask by clicking on the eyeball. While keeping the layer mask active (bracket showing) you begin to make a quick selection of the blue background on the layer 0 copy layer. How is that possible when you don't have the layer 0 copy active? When I tried it as shown with the top layer selected and layer mask highlighted, the quick selection tool only found the squiggly lines that I had drawn. What am I missing here? I wish I could figure this out as this seem to be a great tutorial. Can someone help me out?

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