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Photoshop Tutorial: Portrait Glow Effect

Difficulty: 2

Short to the point tutorial on an effect created with blur and curves. Enjoy.

find the image at

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This Post Has 19 Comments

  1. Lynne Thew

    This 'tutorial' is far too hard to follow. Didn't even finish watching.. next.

  2. Dec Hardisty

    where can i get the cool ripple cursor effect u have?

  3. SuperMangn

    GIMP 2.6 = FREE.
    PHOTOSHOP = $ 660.
    Unless you are an advanced user you will never know the difference between them.

  4. maghi the cat

    This guy does not have a clue. Why do these people post?

  5. Ray

    Sorry but you suck at tutorials.

  6. Zeus Megabeard

    I'm sure the content was very informative but I found the elevator music and the constant scrolling around the screen extremely distracting and only watched a minute or so before going elsewhere.

  7. great vid… the cursor with the water effect made it impossible to keep you.
    you went too quick!


  8. im not exactly slow, and its fully possible to pause and look over things again, but I must agree that your rushing too much for this to be a decent tutorial, speedy moves doesnt impress those who try to learn from you, on the contrary ;P I still like it though.

  9. Rick Valasek

    You obviously know how to do the effect – however you do NOT know how to tell anyone else how to do it! Way too fast, and not specific on why you are applying the layer/adjustments/effects.

  10. Patrick McCowie

    the whole thing is too quick, cant follow sensibly, take a leaf out of gavin hoey's book, slow down man

  11. oceandrew

    Pass the dramamine…. I got sick watching the screen bounce around so much. It's a cute effect to keep the mouse in the middle of the screen but for viewing it's best to see the iddy bitty cursor moving around than the entire screen…. barf!!! Sorry

  12. CatLo

    It is blurred, didn't notice as I had no need to enlarge the video. If it's blurred on your monitor, it's only going to become more blurry when you zoom in. Tutorials are meant to teach you new things for you to experiment with, not for you to make exact replicas of it. Nothing about my comment was cocky.

  13. CatLo

    No disrespect, but it was pretty easy to follow.

  14. albert22022000

    Looks great, but wish you would keep the tutorial more still, had a bit difficulty following it.

  15. zEeoN

    very good tutorial. what i am asking myself is:
    Is that water-like drip animation mac exclusive or some style one can dl & install?
    it looks very decent.

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