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Photoshop CS5 Tutorial showing how to use the Refine Edge, the Refine Radius tool, Edge Detection & the QUICK SELECTION tool!

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This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. Aliu Yusuf

    I don't understand 2:38 where you said we lift our mask up when we are finished.


  2. monelle

    Great video–very useful. Thank you!

  3. Anak Yutub

    Aku ga paham bahasanya, tapi aku paham apa yang dijelaskan. Terimakasih ! Saya akan subscribe !

  4. skyler114

    my refine edge windoow boox is not visible on the screen, how do make it reappear

  5. Camil Serapian

    wouldn't you make a video on making someone grow old or return child ?

  6. Ziaul Monsur

    I don't get this option refine edge tools in my PS CC 2019.

  7. Stanley Sjogren

    When you are finished with the hair you place the girl on a blue sky background. I dont want that but to keep the girl on the black background. As soon as I click OK (irrespectively which "output to" option I have choosen), the background disappear totally and I get the small-checkered-squares background. How do I keep the black background??


    How to professionally cut and remove background images by Photoshop

  9. Bill Sammons

    quick question if I want to buy a adobe photoshop which one should I buy??? HELP!!! Thanks…In other words I love Blue lighting tv but I never can follow the directions because I just have photoshop 18…

  10. karamjit kaur

    refine edgenis working but image does not show background on which we want to do

  11. Revaldi Pratama

    why is it that every time I have finished and pressed ok the object there is always a white mark?

  12. Ak T

    So from now onward I don't have to look for another tutorials.

  13. FranSlam

    I don't even know how her image with the grey background was put on the sky background in the first place.

  14. CJ4Y

    i dont have the refine edge button on top


    2:41 please explain how do i lift the mask. Newbie pls help.

  16. Light Jordan

    you sound just like Steve Jobs (chuckle) 🙂 great tutorial mate!

  17. MARLEE

    LIFE SAFER!! THE BEST IM SO HAPPY! I was so confused on how to do this for a project and this tutorial helped me prefectly 10 out of 10

  18. TokePoii

    I dont find that option there so can someone help me please

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