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Photoshop Tutorial: Surreal Glass Sphere Floating Within a Landscape

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I show you a few simple steps to create a surreal glass sphere floating within a photograph. This cool effect is perfect for creating interesting album covers, or just to transform your landscape photos into abstract art pieces. All it takes is a few relatively simple Photoshop tools, a couple of filters, and a touch of shading, making it a pretty easy effect you can create in minutes.

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► Road Between Mountains Photo –

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  1. I had a very surreal dream. There was a thick fog but then at a height of a few meters above us the water was turning into floating water balls, much like this picture. My friends and I were touching them and they would pop like bubbles and pour water on us. I googled this toturial to be able to illustrate the dream

  2. I've just had a thought while watching this tutorial; it's a bit picky though… How could a sphere project what is behind it onto the front facing side? Wouldn't it look better with an image of what is behind the photographer, then place it on the sphere to create a reflection. I know that would involve using your own images, having to record what is behind you, as well as in front….. unless that is, you use Google Street View to copy the scenes using the 'Print Screen' keyboard button to get a screen grab. Other wise a great video mate, made even better with commentary!!

  3. The only problem with this is that glass spheres dont work like this in real life , since the glass spheres they flip the whole image when you look through it but amazing tutorial thanks man

  4. Nice Video sir….i am From Bangladesh…. I like your all Videos…..sir upload plzzz mascot cartoon logo & portrait tutorial…. Thank you & all the best…❤❤❤

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