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Photoshop Tutorial: Using Strokes/Outlines – Easy Tips

Just a quick and really easy tutorial, Also very Helpful.

Please Enjoy, Like and Comment, Thanks

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  2. @Stratzeh Yeah, I knew thats what you were meaning to do… I was just informing that it is a generic method. Plus stokes have more functionality so teaching people it this way is degenerative and innefficient. But I can see that this would just be a "tips" tutorial, instead of a formal one.

  3. @DoTTGaMMa Although you aere correct, The point is that the different Shadows can be used as STROKES, so you can have more than ONE stroke, thats why we use Inner Shadow, so we can have a Outer Stoke. etc.

  4. ?????? No offense, great videos… But inner shadow is a generic method to change stroke position. All you have to do is go to stroke, and change position to inner. And if you want several layers of strokes, then you can duplicate the layer and change the fill to 0% for each stroke layer.


  5. hey Stratz, nice tutorial man, although i already knew this I did pick up on 1 tip so thanks for that, now you probaly cba to read this but if you could spare a few minutes of your time to check out my channel, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Sherb ^_^

  6. Why do you "Haterz" watch these tutorials, the title says its an Easy Tip and not everyone knows how to do these. If your gonna hate why do you waste your time here, just leave -.-

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