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Photoshop Tutorials – Paper Cutout Text Effect

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to apply this paper effect to your text or lettering. The step-by-step format will help you recreate the effect whether you are a beginner or an expert. Make sure to subscribe for more Photoshop tutorials. Thanks for watching!

Pattern download link:
Google Drive:

Customizable PSD file on sale for $7 here:

Hardware used: (Affiliate link)
Blue Yeti Microphone:

Font used in thumbnail: (Affiliate link)
DIN Condensed:

Softwares used:
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Apple Final Cut Pro X

For questions or business inquiries:

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Intro song:
TREGS – Berry

Joakim Karud – Loudness & Clarity

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. Little Neptune

    Is there anyway to edit text (typing something different), so that it changes In all the layers?

  2. Vega Latt

    Pls do more tutorials about blending options.

  3. Rythom

    I can't even download the pattern.

  4. TerreDice Games

    you saved me! I've been trying to figure out how to do this forever!


    dude you've a good voice dont waste it with the loop music which is taking away from the subject matter

  6. So accurate..,. and I am on the lowest level than the beginner in terms of photoshop

  7. Thank you so much, love this tutorial! I'm going to use this for my type specimen school project!

  8. Pinru

    It's amazing!!!thanks!!!

  9. Cecille Perez

    Great tutorial! Thank you. But I can't save as png. I don't know why but it seems like I can't save it with a transparent background.

  10. Was excited to try, even though photoshop is my least fav, but all that work doesn’t look fun at all ??? ill have to try the effects on my logo instead on text

  11. Muhammad Sameer

    Few tutorials of photoshop just are good until you are watching them. Once you start doing your own work, it will be proven not less than a nightmare. By the way, good job, sir!

  12. David Lee

    you have great observation and deliberately brought it into photoshop with blending mod. coooool. thanks for this amazing tutorial

  13. enya ,

    couldn't find the paper pattern once extracting the file but you can make your own from any image

  14. Wondering if am I the only one who thinks the thumbnail result doesn't match with the video result…?
    I think adjusting the shadows might have given better results.

  15. Mark Burton

    A comprehensive video, but that vacuous, repetitive 'music' sent me out of it. Really didn't need it, and REALLY annoying.

  16. Zegra

    CC2019 isn't blending the outer bevel at 12:17 like yours did, any ideas or solutions? @Made by Mighty

  17. Oriol Pratts

    Muy interesante el tutorial. Muchas gracias! Doy like y me suscribo. De illustrator otro curso completo que encontré en
    castellano es: ,cada clase dura como 50
    minutos pero aprendes mucho. Saludo!

  18. karan chandra

    How much time did it take you to figure this out. There are so many steps in it

  19. Shawn Coulter

    Can this same process work with images instead of text. For example, if I wanted to make a basketball look like a paper cut out, would I follow these same steps or does it differ?

  20. Iku Tree

    This is so so good. So satisfying. Made an action script out of it for when I have to speed work.

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