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Piers Morgan Breaks Silence on Meghan Markle Comments After QUITTING Good Morning Britain

On Tuesday, Piers Morgan broke his silence following his exit from ‘Good Morning Britain.’ The journalist received backlash over his comments about Meghan Markle, following her interview with Oprah Winfrey. On Monday, the 55-year-old television personality said on-air that he didn’t believe Markle’s claims of struggling with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts while she was pregnant with her son, Archie. Now, multiple reports say the Duchess of Sussex might have had something to do with Morgan’s exit.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. A Hassen

    Seems a bit similar to when BBC had to 'move along' Jeremy Clarkson, sometimes the star is bigger than the show and the channel doesn't realise what a monster they have until they don't have it anymore and see huge ratings and income for the broadcaster plummet.

  2. Christine Black

    When it comes down to this on both sides, all there is is speculation. Pierce Morgan is attacking Meagan's character, but in truth he doesn't know what really happened behind closed doors of the Royal palace. Megan maybe lying, but if she is, is it that simple? This implies that Prince Harry's lying too.After all he corroborated her story. What about him? I'm not saying absolutely she is telling the truth, I'm saying I don't know. Nobody does but those who were there. Piers is parading all of this as fact and it is someone's opinion.

  3. Moonshine One

    I said when I was watching the interview that Meghan is a not a great actress as you could see her lies in every movement and in every word. It is normal for people to wonder how the baby would look like or what colour if there is mixed marriages why she has to turn the words into negativity or racism, just show off to bring attention. I felt that she is manipulating the prince soon he will realize his mistake and it would be too late. What a shame

  4. Jane Gilmore

    The People want names ! Our new demand for Piers Morgan. ( he talked Charles) and please don’t put Anne down she has dedicated herself to the firm. Wish jealous Morgan would disappear, he interviewed her and she was THE BEST by him. She gets married and they invited a news reader under piers. That’s what he is doing. He don’t give a rats ass about the Firm he just wants to put Megan in a grave and with all his nonsense probably helped our Prince Phillip to pass away. We want our Queen Piers so rack off. Now you can name who YOU SAY from the Royals who thanked you???? Name them Piers ————- POS ….stop it. YOU ARE putting more pressure on our Queen.

  5. Joseph philip

    Megan should not be called the Duchess of Sussex and she should not be called as part of the royal family. She is so talented, in the sense that you need a good amount of talent to split harry from his family he loved, and now no British public or can the royal family see him like they used to do. She is a disgrace.

  6. Dana Prahl

    I just don't get it. In this world "today" if you have an opinion and it has anything to do with a color person you became a racist. What happened to our freedom of speech. We are taking down statues because of what they stand for. People, that is our past good, bad and ugly. If we swipe the bad under the rug it will come back to bit us. You need to remember what was so that you can fully understand what we do not want to become.
    What happened to George Floryd was unthinkable. It should never of happened. What should happen is those officers responsible should be punished, training should take place for all police officers to be taught what should and should not be done no matter the color of you skin, man or woman. Enough said on that matter. But are we going over board on this topic, I see, hear people complaining. It's not all about our skin color people, it's stero typing ie: Blondes are dumb, man sail through life, women are clueless, Indians are lazy. This stero typing is what needs to stop! We need to stop being judge, jury and executioner. We are just people that's it. Women and Men except us as we are, with all our faults. And because people continue to judge without educating nothing will change. All we hear 'blah blah blah' . Education is key.

  7. LvR

    In a year or so…a red headed man wakes up, he turns and see a bloated narcissistic cow. He exclaims, "What the fuck have I done!"
    He files for divorce and flees to Great Britain begging for forgiveness.

  8. Bill Patterson

    So let me get this straight. Merkle denigrates the Royal family and accuses them of racism and no one is allowed to question her? Merkle submits a complaint about Morgan's comments about mental health over fears that it will negatively effect others with mental health. Does Merkle live in a hypocrisy bubble? Does she have no idea how her charges of racism will effect the whole Royal family? Merkle needs to name the person or people who made the racists comments or she should STFU. Period.

  9. renata777777

    Can no one express any sort of opinion these days without being accused of racism? I think Megan is fine. I don't disbelieve her. Piers has a different opinion. He seems to have a bit of a rabid mouth. He's opinionated. So what? Now Sharon Osborne is accused of being racist because she says, paraphrased, "while I don't agree with him, he has a right to have and speak his opinion." How is that racist? This is nuts.

  10. Joyce Antony

    P moghen I think you're grown up men to understand where prince Harry, coming from he did right thing to his wife and son, sorry P. Moghen you don't have to trust your own wife. Thank you prince Harry love his wife they love each other, about baby color prince Harry told his wife what is going on,
    What is your problems P.moghen? Good on you prince Harry 100% you are right protect your wife and baby.

  11. Emme F

    This Alex guy is a bit overly dramatic, don't you think? Diabolical behavior….has Alex never heard of hmmm…..Serial killers?

  12. J.R. Bronx

    What a drama queen , so if people don't agreed with morgan then he leaves .. 😭😭😭

  13. jon johnson

    Peirs Morgan is to the Uk as what Tucker Carlson is to the USA.

  14. I knew this was gonna happen to him, especially when he is bad mouthing royals. What he expected, his ego was invincible to the Queens wrath? Such a stupid, stupid man; destroyed your entire career for your personal perspectives? Should of kept it to yourself dumb fecal matter!

  15. Marlin Rayvon

    Prince Philip has just died, I suspect that the stress caused by Dumb and Dumber has no doubt helped him on his way!

  16. drake jake

    Good morning Britain is good without him…..because everything that comes out of his mouth is shit

  17. Heather Atwood

    FINALLY someone says what I have thought about her all along. She is a pot-stirrer and is riding on Princess Diana's "coattails".

  18. Steve Su

    Hahahahaha Piers Morgan got lazy and fell into a trap. He knew he could get away with dismissing racism claims in racist Britain. He forgot you can't call a pregnant suicidal woman a liar (and essentially go kill yourself) is going to upset anyone who's been pregnant, had the baby blues, depression, and minorities who will protest advertisers to drop ITV and boycott advertisers products.

  19. Jason Smith

    I only used to watch gmb when piers was on, now it’s not worth watching, the bbc breakfast show is miles better. And yet Alex beresford still reads the weather…

  20. Vlog Vitals

    I am on the side of piers. Did anyone expect that ? Prob not if your black. Just because im white doesnt mean i always take the side of white. I actually took the side of a black man getting arrested for no reason. Skin color doesnt mean a thing. It never did. I see no color.

  21. Myrah Sidik

    Salute you Mr.Morgan because you are telling the truth than megamite

  22. Lenard Park

    The condemned event correlatively note because underpants laparoscopically pass worth a dazzling rise. idiotic, lyrical bacon

  23. Rebecca Abrams

    Shame on Oprah for stirring the pot, as usual. She has no intention of trying to help heal this nation. She keeps digging her fingers in the wound to keep the blood flowing in the streets she doesn't even walk down.

  24. suz Ther

    Btw, Piers, hate speech is NOT freedom of speech. MM said NO to you. Get over it!

  25. Helen Collins

    Clearly Megan Has a very low self esteem. The only reason the Queen even gives a crap what Markle says is she is hurt that Harry betrayed his family, as would any Gma. The Queen is proud and I'm certain she was not bothered about Markle. The world has heard for 100s of years about Racism and will for the next 100. It will never stop! Piers over reacted to Markle. And the world knows and loves the Queen of England and knows that Meghan is fulla bulla. ! Let that racism crap run off your back. The world knows the Royal Family is not Racist. BTW she needs to check Harry! He's the one running around being KKK and White Power. Why doesn't she check him! lmao! We love you Piers and the Royals. And Baby Archie is literally the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life!

  26. Budgie Pecking

    The monarchy and the invasion of all those countries were based on racism. The queen's family has enough blood on their hands from so much colonization. If you ask me I think they are behind Diana's death and I believe Philip is a racist Bigot. Shane

  27. Metro

    “I don’t agree with your opinion” THATS RACIST

  28. yogi bear

    The eyes are the windows to your soul, and Meghan Markle's eyes tell you she is not telling the truth, and also Harry's when he is talking about his wife, so Piers is right in what he says. Meghan has very little to do with her own family, and she has now got Harry the same, and all to herself, one day he will wake up from this nightmare.

  29. Eunida pieters


  30. Gulsen Altincekic

    Bravo Piers…Piers Morgan is the victim here…PIERS MORGAN WAS SILENCED BY MEGHAN MARKLE

  31. Ayup Meducks

    I dont like Piers but i agree with him on this. The show will fold very soon

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