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Piers Morgan STORMS OFF Set After Getting Called Out for Meghan Markle Comments

On Tuesday, Piers Morgan stormed off the set of ‘Good Morning Britain’ after his colleague, Alex Beresford, called him out for slamming Meghan Markle on the show following her interview with Oprah Winfrey. Shortly after, ITV, the network behind ‘Good Morning Britain,’ confirmed Morgan has left the show.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Joe Jones

    She got mad cause Elizabeth wouldn’t step down so she could be queen. All she did was turn a prince into a frog.

  2. Jane Gilmore

    The People want names ! Our new demand for Piers Morgan. ( he talked Charles) and please don’t put Anne down she has dedicated herself to the firm. Wish jealous Morgan would disappear, he interviewed her and she was THE BEST by him. She gets married and they invited a news reader under piers. That’s what he is doing. He don’t give a rats ass about the Firm he just wants to put Megan in a grave and with all his nonsense probably helped our Prince Phillip to pass away. We want our Queen Piers so rack off. Now you can name who YOU SAY from the Royals who thanked you???? Name them Piers ————- POS ….stop it. YOU ARE putting more pressure on our Queen.

  3. Shivansh xVxC

    i got cancer after seeing comment thought people will be with him….Guys Meghan Markle is playing all along…

  4. Joseph Forsuh

    Regarding the use of the word 'Caucasian' historically on Meghan's CV. Caucasian is not Black and Black is not Caucasian. So we now we ask ourselves are we supporting the CV of Meghan which has Caucasian on it? Are you defending that person? Which person are you defending? The lying Caucasian Meghan or the lying Black Meghan?

  5. Vilisi Bulai

    Piers Morgan, can't take the criticism when bin critizide, but can only critized Meghan….So very much,incompetent!!!

  6. Lew Scagnetti

    People and Governments should just do away with The Monarchy's of this world !! It's 14Th century thinking in the 21rst century and do nothing but produce spoiled and priviledged offspring !! It really makes me sick to think that their are people with titles in world like Kings & Quenns when titles like these should be confined to novels & poems !!!

  7. dav

    OMG so interesting the clip of Alex storming off set due to a comment by Piers has cut off all comments. Social media is so 2 faced.

  8. Jinje Kang

    Wow he actually was holding back a little bit when the GUY was talking… am I the only one who noticed that??

  9. Tina Marie

    What is someone called when they have ghosted their family and have trashed talked their partners family, Making their their partners family look crazy and racist and then isolating their partner from family and friends?

  10. Alex Sampson

    Calling outs truths is being a bully an not listening to complete utter bs is being a bully be a sheep so you don’t become a bully

  11. Pimper's Paradise

    😄 the truth that no one dare to speak; most humans that are the queen"s age are racist regardless of their race not to say that there is no young racists nor that all old folks are racist 🔥😉🤧

  12. Magnus Dagon

    So he's able to be quiet when a man is talking, but he constantly interrupts the woman he sits next to

  13. Dipesh 12345

    meghan markle is a liar. she has racial issues. dont blame thhe queen or. royal family

  14. first last

    diabolical? Eeww. the weather guy has hobbies nobody will ever know about, ever.

  15. Ileana Caribe

    I’m coming to believe Mr. Morgan is (quietly) in love with Meghan MARKLE. Why does he HATE her so much?

  16. Kyle Bradley

    Megan is maniacal human it’s not bullying to tell the truth… go team Piers

  17. Bad name

    The weather guy got personal yet then accuse piers Morgan of diabolical behavior. What a hypocrite. I notice this crap channel cut the full context.

  18. Terence Mirley

    Piers Morgan was absolutely correct about Markles lying . She has been fact checked and made 17 deliberate lies and exaggerations .


  20. Hemens

    Piers only one who will say it how it is, everyone too scared about there political image and the impact what they say has on their career. Need more people like piers Morgan.

  21. ladybug11

    What a greasy little woke creep that Alex is. He's been gunning for Piers' job for a long time. Too bad he won't pull in the ratings like Piers did, though.

  22. W.C

    piers wasn't allowed to talk, the other guy kept cutting off for a start, i would walk off as well…

  23. Snake 777

    He shouldn't have left.. But had too many dramatic over the top snowflakes in his face.. Mainly Alex being a drama queen and a fragile little thing.

  24. MrNicks24

    Is this a real thing? People need more hard work in there lives.

  25. Bones F

    Shame. I despised Piers Morgan but found a new respect for him after he started speaking out against the government during Covid. Sack some of the newsreaders as well then to even it out – like Mary Nightingale who, on live TV, was shouting down and being derogatory towards people writing to the news voicing their concerns about schools reopening too soon (correctly as it turned out as was just before the second wave),

  26. JRB

    There is NO SPACE for racism, time this disgusting guy Mr. Morgan left the show himself otherwise he would deserve a kick in his ass into next week.

  27. JRB

    There is NO SPACE for racists

  28. Linda Philson

    I very rarely agree with Piers. but I know how he feels, Meghan according to her father who unlike Doria was around her through her teenage years never heard or saw Meghan being treated in a racist manner, Meghan is a very beautiful women,I sincerely liked what I saw and heard about her.That changed somewhat during her engagement interview,she did not appear authentic,more auditioning for a part.I agree with you Alex he should have talked this through with you and sorted it out like an adult.I think the Oprah interview was very damaging and divisive to Harry and Meghan and to the Royal family.,also to the black and white communities.My politics are left leaning but I think many politicians have heard one side of the argument and found us guilty (American Politicians) not fair and many of her statements have been found to be false.

  29. Geo fedo

    The weather man, he is trouble maker. I don’t believe him. Apparently everybody is racist to him in Uk. Really??????

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