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Pink’s Daughter Willow BELTS Out Song on TikTok

Pink posted a sweet clip of her 9-year-old daughter Willow singing a song called ‘Cover Me in Sunshine’ to TikTok on Monday. It’s not the first time Willow’s shown off the gift she inherited from her momma. ET looks back at the pair’s musical moments together over the years.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. Pippy Barrow

    She actually has a pretty impressive range for a young girl

  2. Purple Tube

    I love it. The world needs more sunshine. Love from Purple

  3. Imcooking247

    What about her other child? Why don’t we ever see her?

  4. I was just wondering,if your daughter is wild and free,what are your thoughts on all the children,been silenced with wearing muzzles and soon to be used as a pin cushion for an experimental jab,will all the “celebs” be allowing their children to go first?

    Why are you all so quiet. When the world is been enslaved.

    Silence is compliance.

  5. Xenon Doro

    How come Pink looks younger now than in the older clips? 😄

  6. OG Lurker

    Her voice is perfect! Get this girl in a disney movie asap.

  7. Jenny miller

    Love willow…pink. Beautiful little girl just like her momma

  8. Analeigh Bradbery

    I love realise you're the best thing that ever this is from Peyton and a girl

  9. Sean Fenwick

    Talk about pressure on the poor youngster… but hey there are actually a ton of kids who sing very well. Just go to a local choir in your own area and watch…

  10. Janie Boyles

    I could listen to Willow sing all day, Pink is the best mommy. ❤

  11. Zidane ZiZu

    Scary that Pink and Eddie Izzard are morphing into each other

  12. Magui

    I'm still waiting for Lady Gaga's child… Hope she'll have one soon.

  13. Ray. J.

    Pink has always been, my "Baby Mama"!

  14. Lizzie Wilson

    When is willows birthday. I am a big fan of willows I love her singing

  15. Alice Thai

    Mm. She still needs a smidge of practice. She sounds a tad flat. But, she is a little kid. And for a little kid she sounds amazing. I can already tell that she'll sound really really good once her voice matures completely!

  16. Chantel Labonne

    Willow has her mom's talent, but she looks EXACTLY like her DAD, who is very good looking I might add. I love how Pink said that her child (now children) comes first, then her husband and then her career. Smart woman. She has her priorities straight where they should be! Good for her!

  17. trevor Byron

    C'mon Pink…your hubby's only human…can see you disappointed in him… you're strong…contact mystery ( Eric von makovic)…mystery…would be a good challenge to test his throne

  18. Leeanne McCaskie

    Love pink her daughters an angel ive met her drummer of her band really cool guy too

  19. Jeff Diggs

    I like when parents let their child go in their own directs and be free with what they wanna do.

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