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Pixelated Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s fun Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to create a Pixelated effect by creating a customized pixel brush and using it to apply the effect. We’ll be working with a few filters, blending options and thousands of pixels! Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. Give it a shot, tweet me your final result @pstutorials_tv and I will favorite and retweet it. Thanks guys so much for watching and showing your support.

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  1. I tried to use PS 2019 to recreate this pixelated effect using the exact instructions you gave but didn't work, could it be the difference in versions? I would appreciate your feedback.

  2. I’m not using this tutorial to do my pixel effect but I used your trick to create a square brush because the one I downloaded isn’t compatible with my version of photoshop so thanks!

  3. Buddy. Nice tutorial, but I think it's better to say in voice instead of using subtitles because whenever I watch the subtitles I miss something on the screen. So I have to go back again to see which button you have clicked. Anyway, good work. Keep it up.

  4. outstanding tutorial…….these are amazing……thank you soooooooo much……really awesome tutorial and a lot helpful…..again thank you so much and thanks a lot

  5. Nicely done! This is a cool look. Thank you for creating such a professional tutorial.
    You have a really nice channel and I hope to learn a few things by watching the way you put your videos together.

    I just started my channel with tutorials on creative techniques with Photoshop and other digital art applications.
    I only have a few tutorials uploaded so far and I'm still pretty new to creating screencasts but I'm having fun.

    Keep up the great work – Jeff

  6. Why not creating this effect in a photo with a complex background? Because a white background is very simple, it would be nice to see this effect in a complex photo too 😉

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