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Plies Has Some Thoughts About Women Fixing Their Outer Appearance Instead Of What’s Inside—“U Never Fixed Your SOUL!”

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Roommates, if you follow Plies on social media, then you’re probably familiar with his regular opinions and advice on a wide range of topics such as healthcare, politics, education—and now how women need to prioritize what’s inside. Taking to his Twitter account, Plies posted a message that instantly sparked debate when he suggested that women who are so focused on their outer appearance and enhancements forget to apply the same effort to what’s inside.

Plies’ tweet read:

“U Done Fixed Your Breast, Your A**, Your Stomach, Your Hair, Your Lashes, Your Nails, Your Lips, Your Knees Etc Etc. An U Wonder Why U Still Ain’t Happy. Cause U Never Fixed Your SOUL!!!!!!”

This is the second time this month that Plies has offered some life advice on social media, as he previously informed aspiring college athletes the importance of choosing a college major that can actually guarantee them a career if sports don’t work out, or when their time on the field or the court is over.

At the time, Plies wrote “Message To All My Young Athletes: These Colleges Are Telling U You Can Major In Anything U Like & They’ll Cover It (Financially). Stop Choosing The Majors That Just Allow U To Stay Eligible & Only Pay 25-30k A Year. Want More Challenge Yourself & Walk Away With A Bigger Bag!”

As with most things surrounding Plies and his entertaining personality, he definitely knows how to keep people talking.


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