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Prince Charles ‘Despairing’ Over Meghan and Harry’s Interview With Oprah

ET’s Kevin Frazier speaks with royal expert Katie Nicholl about Prince Charles’ reaction to Meghan and Harry’s CBS Special with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday. Nicholls says she’s learned Prince Charles was ‘despairing’ leading up to the televised sit-down, and that the current state of Harry’s relationship with his father is ‘incredibly sad.’ After Harry’s comments about the email hack, being denied money for security, and his father not taking his calls, Nicholls believes the interview was overall ‘pretty damaging’ for Prince Charles.

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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. Gareth Brooking

    Why is he despairing? Ginge and cringe have shown their true colours. CUT them off. They will only bring more trouble.

  2. It is incredibly sad. Incredibly sad. In our family this intergenerational distress interview with Oprah would be called "washing your dirty linen in publc"

  3. Rachel Roy

    It actually makes me sad that they threw everyone under the bus especially after Charles walking Meghan down the aisle in place of her dad. I’m sure she appreciated it in the moment, but this had to feel like such a slap in the face to him. I’m not Charles biggest fan by any means, but my god. I don’t feel the punishment fit the crime.

  4. Elle Bee

    I bet Charles stopped taking his calls because he kept asking for money. They are living beyond their means, that area is for billionaires which they are not. If he is saying his father has let him down over money then that is unacceptable. He is a 36 year old man and he said he wanted to be financially independent. Harry has let Charles down in my opinion with his brattish behaviour. Charles has been through something similar? What?

  5. christian macri

    Why were they cut off in Q1 2020? End of the British fiscal year? Or did something happen? More importantly, who cares?

  6. The reason why they were not allowed to continue to assist their charities was to hurt them.

  7. marichu nacor

    I don't know but the Oprah interview Meghan makes herself a Saint, isn't that odd, she makes herself the true protagonist.

  8. Mark Allan

    What are you two experts in blah blah blah nothing new here o my dear what a shame never mind

  9. Evelyn Miller

    They didn't have to take it out all on prince Harry he made choices as well not just Duchess Meghan it was a joint decision.

  10. Lynne Kruger

    Are that little girl and boy complaining because they couldn't afford the lifestyle they have if they didn't have Diana's money and the Queen Mother's money? Diddums. Take a drive with your body guards and see people living on the streets, most times through no fault of their own. They are sickening.

  11. 고명수

    Harry !! How old are you?? 100% I'm sure you'll regret what you said..

  12. Martiane

    I wish they learn to stop throwing people under the bus. Humanitarians don’t burn bridges they connect the broken bridges together and clearly both of them loves to roast and bash if people don’t cater for their needs!

  13. Ixopo 67

    I don’t believe this assessment of Prince Charles is accurate as most people would sympathise with a very hard working member of the royal family despairing at an utterly selfish and self entitled son.

  14. Genie Smith

    Henry,Harry Charles only feel let down because he taught while he is in L.A.Land he could still get money from his Father to keep Creed Rachel Megan Markle happy, now he is still trying to get money from his Father for his son Archie when they disrespect protocol and embrassed the Queen, his father and the Monarch via of not letting the p Diana fans see her second son first child, what a big DISGRACE to Henry,Harry Charles for letting this Yact girl Rachel Megan Markle control him.

  15. Genie Smith

    Diana is turning over in her GRAVE to see how Henry,Harry Charles try to emblazzed money from his father for money creed Rachel Megan Markle.

  16. Genie Smith

    Lies, Lies, Lies Henry,Harry Charles you did wanted to get out the Monarch and you did turn your back on every one, you and you DELUSIONAL wife was in the woods a lot planning this.

  17. Ellie Green

    I remember seeing a program where the sheriffs were evicting a young couple and baby for non payment of rent, he had lost his job due to the pandemic.

  18. Irma Spahic

    Well!!! They are making money playing the lats card – the raíces card- and using the baby for these . 👆🥲

  19. Irma Spahic

    😩😩😩😩 Harris said!!! Daddy won’t give me more money. 😂😂😂

  20. How can she MM say publicly that Queen Elizabeth, was always wonderful to her and yet she has picked holes relentlessly with the Royal family! Strange she shows jealousy because her family now is just her Mother Dorai Ragland, thats all …her family!!!!! She also would have harboured jealous thoughts about Harrys family and how big they are in numbers and quite a together family.

  21. Di Ane

    Have people (especially young people) been so dumbed down, that they don't question anything they are told, or are remotely interested in finding out what is true?
    The reality about the interview:
    She didn't know who Harry was. LIE
    Friends say she was obsessed with the Royal family had multiple books about Diana. She wore his mother's favourite perfume to their first few dates. – Manipulative and Dishonest.
    She thought the Royal family were just like American celebrities. LIE
    She never googled Harry or found out anything about him, before dating and marrying him. LIE
    They got married 3 days before the Royal wedding? – LIE
    Archie didn't get a title because he's mixed race – LIE
    Archie wasn't given security because he was mixed race – LIE
    Someone (no name, no time, no details, no facts) commented on the possible skin colour Archie might have. – Underhand, deceptive and manipulative.
    The fact that they expected to move abroad, make mega million dollar deals with media companies, give up Royal duties but still expect the British taxpayer to provide security? – Arrogant, entitled and deceptive.
    The Met police provide security to Senior Royals who perform official duties. Why would the British taxpayers be required to fund security for two people who have gone to live abroad and do not perform Royal duties?
    Prince Charles has the 'Duchy of Cornwall', to provide an income for members of the Royal family to compensate them for their work for the crown, and the fact that they cannot do media deals.
    It's privileged and arrogant of these two to think they could ignore these conditions, but still be paid from the fund.
    To say that Charles cut them off financially, without the full details, is both deceptive and dishonest.
    He would have come under a lot of criticism and a backlash from our government, other Royals, as well as the public, if he allowed these two to reject the lifestyle but still be paid /compensated.
    To say that they love and respect the Queen, whilst attacking the Royal institution that she has created and dedicated her life to. – Fake, dishonest and deceptive.
    The 'fact' that they didn't know how to get counselling or therapy for Meghan, and were refused. – LIE
    Multiple members of the Royal family, including Diana, Charles, Harry have all had therapy and counselling.
    To say they asked Human Resources is just a red herring. They are not staff, so why ask them? Why not ask the bank of Royal doctors who are constantly on duty?
    Doria, Meghan's mother is a trained Social Worker, and knows how to access help. Harry knows how to access help. They were probably too mean to pay for it for themselves, despite their huge wealth of tens of millions of pounds.
    I'm a disabled British taxpayer, on a low income, and I've had to pay for my own counselling, many, many times in my life, when I've been struggling.
    Her passport was taken away from her and she was not allowed to leave the country. A LIE and a farce as she was busy flying all over the world, often in private jets, at the drop of a hat, for numerous social functions, whilst lecturing the rest of us about reducing our carbon footprint.
    Not being accepted by the Royal family. LIE
    She was given a lavish £32 million wedding. They were given a beautiful mansion to live in (Frogmore Cottage), which was refurnished with taxpayers money, especially for them.
    The Queen broke many Royal protocols, early in their life together, to allow Meghan to be included in more things, and much earlier, than any other new member to the Royal family.
    Prince Charles even walked Meghan down the isle on her wedding day. If he was racist, and didn't want her in the family, he would not have done so.
    Meghan's sister Samantha only changed her name back to Markle, in her 50s, once Meghan started dating Harry. – LIE.
    Samantha has provided proof that she filed for, and changed her first name, back in 1997! She's always been a Markle, which she's proven with several official documents.
    Meghan's family told the Royals and the public that she was narcissistic, manipulative, and trouble, from the very beginning but the Royals and the British people ignored them, and very warmly welcomed her anyway.
    If only we'd all listened!
    When you look at what these two say, it's hard to find anything that is accurate and believable.
    Apart from the comments made by her own family, it would seem.
    They've told so many lies, it's hard to believe a word that comes from these two ingrates!
    And yes, they seem to believe that the public are naive, dim, easily bamboozled and manipulated, if they thought we would blindly accept everything, not think about or check out what we've been told.

  22. Paula Field

    we here in uk love charles…….he is kind thoughtful/intelliigent/loving/good father/……he be so sd by this open outrage against a father that gave millions to a son who disrespected him on world tv and who gave so much to both megain and harry…now made to eel imbarrassed by their behavior….you f. dont wash your dirty lien in public…even if you are a so called prince …haha …with a so called dutchess even more funny

  23. Noel Ohashi

    I am mixed asian-european and gay, and used to have white skin. Now, I love the Sun and to expose my skin to it. I eat loads of fruits and now my skin is somewhat colorful. I love colors. And I gotta say: when one person injects ethnic hate in someone else's ear, one can diffuse this negative energy and then this energy will be transferred to the whole institution. I have experienced that, as I got a part time job as a timp in the brazilian bank Banco do Brasil, located in Belém, North Brasil, 1998. When one supposed Regional director of that branch, who surely looked like portuguese, injected ethnic hate in me. He did it slowly (till the third day of harresment. He whispered in my right ear, by getting close to me, as I was getting my boss her coffee), in front of the whole staff to whom I belonged and felt good with. But, as I was not energetically prepared for that awful experience, I ended up believing that the whole Institution was the reason why I was disrespected. Its been 23 years since that happened and for 6, I follow a VEGAN life style. I am now fully aware I was dominated by that low frequency energy and now I feel 100% ready to face those kind of people and digest it, by transforming hate into self love. Because now I know and feel truly empowered, to never believe, not for even a second in low frequency energy. We are all humans, naturally vegan. Unfortunetly, at that time I was addicted to animal based diet and mentally confused and weak. But now, not only I witnessed a physical regeneration on my body, but also, now I feel my energy so expanded. I truly wish that the beautiful royal couple who now live in the US turn Vegan too. That will help them digest that awful energy that still hang on to them and turn it to dust. The Queen and Prince Phillip deserve to see their so loved grandson and wife feeling Love again. They need to witness their prince charming transformed into a truly kind and grown man (vegan). Although all of us, the people, are sufferring finantial instability, we must be aware that Love always prevails. May intuition rise into their minds. May love begin in their plates, because they need to heal. Because the firm also needs to heal. Because this WHOLE planet needs to heal. Because we have an Eternal Source of Light 🌈 longing for us to provide the right source of life (vegetable of course).

  24. Brenda Huxtable

    Why is Harry sill asking for money at 39 and not working for it?

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